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May 3, 2010 12:35 PM

The Boiler District for Sunday brunch buffet

I've seen this place mentioned a few times here, but nothing really specific. Could someone elaborate on:

1. What the choices are in the buffet
2. What type of dessert
3. Is coffee/tea and/or juice included in the price?
4. Is there any good discounted parking spots in the area? I believe the downtown core has free parking before 1pm on Sundays, but not sure if this pertains to the distillery district area


P.S. I've been to many buffet places and not looking for any recommendations, just more info on the Boiler District, thanks.

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  1. I went to The Boiler House a couple of weeks ago.

    Choices in the buffet are pretty typical. There really are too many to list and I believe their website does list out what their buffet includes. What I found to be best was their made to order omelettes and shrimp.

    I didn't even have any of their desserts. But I remember a small desserts table with finger-desserts.

    Coffee and tea are included in the price.

    I just parked in the nearby parking underground. I think it was $6 for 3 hrs. But there is parking on the streets. Not too sure about $$ though.


    Boiler House
    55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A3C4, CA

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    1. re: salmon_tartar

      We finally made it down here for Sunday brunch.

      The decor is very modern, artsy, hip. I liked all the exposed wood beams and high ceilings. The washrooms were unique, I guess is the word? They’re unisex and behind wooden doors, which looks like a row of closets. Easy to get into but a pain to get out! They’re kind of like individual (and very narrow) powder rooms.

      The brunch consisted of roast beef (a better cut than most other buffet places (excluding King Edward, and other upscale hotels), ham, cold chicken salad (very good), regular varieties of salad, smoked salmon, tomatoes with pesto and bocconcini, eggs Benedict (perfectly runny), scrambled eggs (not dry), bacon (very crisp!), sausages, waffles, perogies, mixed veggies, hot pasta, a large variety of danishes, portugese tarts, cheeses, fresh fruit, etc.

      I’m more of a cake person, so that particular day, it must have been “tart” day, as that’s pretty much all they had for desserts! They were good, but just disappointing for a cake lover!

      Service was ok, the wait for refills of coffee/tea could have been better. Overall, a good brunch experience ($25/ per person).

      1. re: red dragon

        My husband and I dined at the Boiler House twice now. The first time was just ok, not what we expected, so we waited a few months and tried it again ….. Big mistake! The place is busy, I’ll admit, but the service and quality of some of the food items left us very underwhelmed.

        Servers, in our opinion, are quite aloof and while polite, it seems to be either forced or insincere.

        The waffles, cold chicken salad, eggs benedict (hit or miss), ham and cheese tray were good. The roast beef was medium rare to a bit bloody, which is too rare for us. We even asked for slices off the end, but they were still quite medium rare. The beef was also full of gristle. Quite hard to chew, unlike our first visit. I understand the roast beef typically available at buffets are not of a higher quality (unless it’s the King Edward or similar hotel). The sausages were just a mouthful of pure fat (yuck) that were deep fried.

        The breads and pastries were disappointing to say the least (think supermarket brand with a margarine/shortening after taste).

        On our first visit, the bacon was super crispy and we looked forward to trying it again. We were the first guests seated and at the buffet table, and we noticed right away that the bacon looked very undercooked, limp and the fat part of the bacon appeared raw. What a disappointment. It was a very large tray so we knew it may not be replaced any time soon. We tried to pick a few pieces that “seemed” cooked, but this was a huge mistake in attempting to eat it (can’t post the comment here).

        About 10 minutes later, a new batch of bacon appeared. I think someone else must have complained, and they dumped the entire batch into the deep fryer, as it was now crispy, but stuck together.

        The desserts were the most disappointing part of the buffet. The first time we dined there, we thought we had chosen the wrong weekend, as it appeared to be a “mini tart theme.” The desserts consisted of quite a few mini tarts, cookies and one pecan pie. No cakes. They did have portugese tarts though.

        On our second time, the desserts were even worse. The mini tarts made a comeback (when I say mini, think the size of toonies, but oval in shape), some mini cookies, inedible white meringues, some carrot squares (awful) and a pumpkin tart (again, just awful). We were so disgusted that we just paid our bill and left.

        I’m sure others have had better experiences and respect that food is very subjective, but we will certainly not be back, nor could I recommend this place.

        We wrote a letter to one of the owners after our first visit (address and name was correct) and didn’t even receive the decency of a reply.

        We thought we’d give the Boiler House a second try but realize now it was just a waste of time and money. Our regular brunch place is the Hot House Café, while not an upscale brunch such as the hotels offer, but the food is always hot. They also have a huge selection of desserts (Baker Street Desserts, etc) and at least we don’t walk away feeling ripped off!

        I wish I could remove my original review above, as this last visit was truly disappointing!