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May 3, 2010 10:28 AM

How much should I pay for a private chef atr a baby shower?

I am having a baby shower for a friend and am looking to hire a private chef to make fun amuses to be passed around throughout the afternoon. It is on a saturday in june and there will be approximately 40 guests. I am aware that the chef will have to do some recipe research and perhaps prep cooking prior to the actual party. Does anyone know what the going rate is, more or less? Thank-you!

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  1. Catering is like the restaurant business: a price and style for every taste. I'd start with a budget, make some calls, see who can meet it, ask for referrals from places that can't. Find out who catered some weddings or other events where you liked the food, and try them.

    1. I believe that the going rate for many personal chefs is $50 an hour which covers shopping and preparation plus the cost of ingredients is additional. Their shouldn't be any recipe research as if they do this professionally they will already have the recipes. I highly recommend Jennifer of Jennifer's Catering in Framingham. I have been to several parties catered by Jennifer and she does an excellent job and makes delicious food.

      1. I'm in the business, working as a personal chef. IMO, most charge way too much and produce slightly above average food. It is important to find someone who will work with your needs and budget, not just list off a set price and un-flexible menu that will most certainly include being in the $50/hour range. Spending a ton of money isn't always a guarantee. Happy to answer any other questions you have, you might also consider reaching out to Cambridge Culinary, as they will send out an email to all students and graduates and will surely find someone who fits your needs.