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May 3, 2010 09:40 AM

Wine pairing suggestion (BYOB)?

I have a special wine that I want to enjoy with a friend - it was a birthday gift - without doing a whole cooking and cleanup at my place, so I thought that going out to a BYOB restaurant to enjoy would be nice.

The bottle is not expensive: Casalone Maripsoa Brachetto 2001 - a sparkling rose on the sweet side. If I end up cooking at home, are there any suggestions for food pairings with this wine? I don't have a specific cuisine in mind.

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    1. A classic pairing with Brachetto is chocolate.

      1. it's also great with fresh strawberries and cream but i'd have a back-up plan. brachetto is best drunk young for its lively fruit flavors and fizz. i think your '01 is likely over the hill.