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May 3, 2010 08:56 AM

Former Baskin Robbins Encino is now serving McConnells of Santa Barbara Ice Cream

This former Baskin Robbins is still owned by the same family which is a big plus. The are no longer affiliated with B&R and are now serving McConnells of Santa Barbara ice cream. Run don't walk over there and try their Turkish Coffee ice cream. If you love coffee ice cream you will love their Turkish coffee. It's coffee ice cream with lots of ground Turkish coffee in it. They don't sell it at the counter yet. It is only available as pints.

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  1. I've never had a coffee ice cream that I enjoyed more than this! Had it in Studio City where they had a store (I'm guessing it closed) years ago. Thanks for the tip:)

    1. If it's only available in pints, why not just buy it at Gelson's in Encino? Last time I was there, they carried McConnell's.

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        Jwsel, several reasons to buy there. First off they are a mom and pop shop that gives back a lot to the community. They sponsor several schools in the area with cash donations. They also carry over thirty McConnell flavors and hopefully if enough people buy the Turkish coffee they will carry it at the counter so I can have it in a waffle cone.

      2. McConnells vs. Baskin Robbins? Serious upgrade. Thanks.

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          Upgrade, yes, but never previously available, hardly.
          It has been available selectively throughout the area for the past 10 years in various, yet not consistent, locations.
          Glad to see that the consistency might now exist.
          ps - it is realllllly good!

          1. re: carter

            Did someone state that it was never previously available????

        2. oh my... thanks for the info! even though you're a trojan, you have good taste in ice cream. ;) j/k

          1. I'm all about mcconnell's Island coconut ice cream, do you have an address for this former 31 now 30 joint?

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              17332 Ventura Blvd
              Encino, CA 91316

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                It's in the CVS shopping center at Ventura and Louise.

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                  I love this place, and I love not only the McConnell's island coconut (only available in pre-packed pints), but they also have Santa Barbara Ice Cream Company "coconutty professor". The owner tells me that it's the same company that makes both SB and McConnells, so I'm guessing coconutty professor is the island coconut, but with the welcome addition of lots and lots of nuts (walnuts and pecans, I believe, maybe almonds as well). I'm in heaven!! And, such a deal...just like the pre-packed pints, they'll hand pack any flavor they scoop for the same price, two for $8 - such a deal!!

                  For those that like BR, I'd put coconutty professor up against BR's "nutty coconut" any day. Like others have said, this ice cream is so amazing, smooth, with good ingredients (things you may have heard of like...cream, milk, sugar....have you seen a BR ingredient list lately?? OMG, like 25 things in each ice cream, many of them strange sounding chemicals, stabilizers and who knows what else?!?!).

                  I LOVE SWEET TREATS. Sorry for yelling, but just wanted y'all to know!! It helps that they're a mom and pop place who apparently do good for their community to boot!!

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                    They also have some varieties of Swensons flavors. We were in there one night and I commented on it being a shame that they had Swensons ice creams, but not the one I remember from my childhood -- "Sticky, Chewy Chocolate." The owner then said, "Oh, we have a little of that left in the back" and proceeded the get a scoop.

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                      GK, when you'e ordering a cone by the scoop, are the bins labeled so that you know if it's McConnell's or Swenson's or whatever that you're getting?

                      1. re: jackattack

                        Jack, absolutely. Each tub is plainly labeled, as a matter of fact, the little signs for each look like they were provided by the respective ice cream maker (SB, McConnell's, etc.).

                        Most of the flavors they scoop for cones is either SB or MC, with a smattering of Dreyer's (I don't think I've seen Swenson's there, but I could be mistaken...I only have eyes for my favorite Coconutty Professor!!