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May 3, 2010 08:54 AM

Organic Chicken Rice delivered (from Kopitiam chef)

As reported in an earlier thread, the chef from Kopitiam is now preparing food for delivery every Thursday evening. Delivery areas includes Berkeley, Orinda, Lafayette, Walnit Creek, Danville, San Ramon.

We ordering a Chicken Rice for 2, which comes with soup and a choice of vegetable. We got sambal long bean. You can also add on other entrees (choice of 4) and we added on beef rendang.

All in all, it was very good. With the pre-preparation, the chicken rice was not quite as good as it was at Kopitiam... but then again Kopitiam doesn't exist anymore and this was delivered to our door. The long beans themselves lost a bit in delivery and reheating, but the sambal was outstanding, with that wonderful funky pungent overtone balanced with chili and sweetness.

The rendang was the best dish of all, spicy, complex, and richly coconut-y. The meat was the perfect texture, tender but not mushy. This dish loses nothing in the delivery and re-heating. I don't recall beef rendang being on the menu at Kopitiam (?), so it is nice to taste Chef Boon's take on this classic.

This is certainly the best delivery food in the history of Lafayette!

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  1. This place was a godsend yesterday - after a long day of dealing with movers and unpacking, we had no energy (and no car) to go out to eat, and our kitchen was in no shape for cooking. The food was just wonderful - tender, flavorful chicken, fresh vegetables, a really interesting soup, fabulous rice, and a nice array of dipping sauces. I was surprised by how well the food reheated - nothing dried out and the chicken remained moist and tender. I was also impressed by how large the portion was given the organic ingredients and $25 price tag - we had enough food for lunch for two the next day.

    Overall, this is a wonderful new service and will likely become a household standard on Thursday nights 1-2 times per month.

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    1. I don't know why there aren't more companies/kitchen catered to gourmet or semi-home made food delivery. I miss the days living in Asia where it's a pretty common service. Hopefully, will survive.

      1. I got an email last night: for the next 2 Thursdays, the chef is making Chai Tow Kway (fried turnip cake "black"). This was my favorite dish at Kopitiam so I have high hopes! After the next 2 weeks, they are taking a vacation.

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          Unfortunately I don't live in the areas that qualify for delivery but one can hope that some day... Do any other places in the Bay Area serve Chai Tow Kway?

          1. re: dorayaki

            Langkawi in San Mateo makes a good version - their noodles are narrower, more like pad thai noodles than chow fun noodles, but the flavor is there.

            1. re: dorayaki

              I love Chai Tow Kway as well (both the white and dark versions) but have yet to find one in the bay area. Hope this venture sticks around.

          2. I enjoyed the chicken and the convenience but chef Boon has left the building and returned to Singapore. Site says temporarily out of business.