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May 3, 2010 08:43 AM

the best pizza in the world

courtesy of the guardian:

i'm buying tickets to naples like now.

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  1. looking at that picture and reading the description: no, it is not nearly the best pizza.

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    1. re: vinoroma

      Wow...what an unappealing looking pizza. If that's the best in Italy then I'll stay here!

    2. There is plenty of reason to get on a plane for Naples - the food is wonderful and the standards for pizza generally are amazingly high -

      but Id question this writer's credibility, given how sloppy he is with other facts - for example there are unlikely to be wild boar and wolves wandering through the Paestum temple complex - I would also question whether the pizzeria would obtain its mozzarelli di buffala from "north of naples" when they are just a few minutes from the producing area at paestum/batipaglia. Maybe this IS a great pie but he doesnt exhibit any knowldge of the region.

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      1. re: jen kalb

        The pictures dond send me...
        but ham and mashed potato pizza sounds pretty darn good to me!

      2. that one with the french fries and hot dog looks...special...

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        1. re: katieparla

          My word !

          I never noticed the fries and hot dogs -ew!

          1. re: katieparla

            Definately wild boar in Cilento and some of the best Buffalo Mozzarella is found north of Naples

            1. re: Gerardos

              Yes and yes - but running through the ruins of the Greek temples? and why would a restaurant 20 min from Paestum import their cheese from Caserta or whatever? Its not believable. He just threw words on the page uncaringly, and makes me not believe him on other things.

              It also makes me wonder, if Cilento is going to become the "next place" for cheap summer vacations. I hope not.

              1. re: jen kalb

                Agree about the lousy appeal of the pix. And why would a savvy traveller really expect a great pizza in anything but a bare bulb (a la da Michele) place? We've been often to the Cilento (staying in Castelabbate, a glorious hill town), and yes, its wild and relatively untouristed. Its status as a National Park protects from overdevelopment; towns like Pisciotta, Sapri, and the farmlands near Battipaglia/Paestum (itself flat and unappealing) abound with great local food, as well as one mozzarella di bufala farm after another. There are a number of B+Bs, agriturisimi, campgrounds, and a few small hotels. For us, the Cilento beats the Amalfi coast hands down for its nature, spirit, and untouristed welcome, charm and what Italians call "relax".

                1. re: bob96

                  "And why would a savvy traveller really expect a great pizza in anything but a bare bulb (a la da Michele) place? "

                  I was thinking exactly that!