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May 3, 2010 08:35 AM

Mother's Day Brunch

Help! Any ideas for a Mother's Day brunch? Could be anywhere in Montreal, eg. Old Montreal, St. Denis, Mile End etc etc. Thank you chwhounders!

Mile End Bar
5322 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montr, Montreal, QC , CA

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  1. There's a nice list (in french) on, all styles and prices, some of them take reservations, but the better one (IMO) do not.

    1. Hi there fellow montrealfoodie.

      Take a look at the website of Bistro Cocagne (3842 St-Denis), which has slated a special brunch menu Mother's Day. 5 courses for 35$ - not too bad if you ask me!

      Somewhere else you might want to consider is le Cartet (106 McGill). The ambiance is a little more chic, but the food remains relatively unfussy and of quite a high standard.

      If Mum is up for something a little more bohemian, another possibility is Coo Rouge (1844 Amherst), a warm and homey brunch spot, with a no-frills but yummy brunch menu to match...

      1. Grange vin+ bouffe for Breakfast tapas
        Bistro Biron for funky Breakfast
        Le maitre chocolatier for classy breakfast (reservation required)

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          LMC does breakfast?! Is there a dining room upstairs or something?

        2. Café Myriade's Anthony Benda will be moonlighting -- doing the coffee service -- at The Sparrow's Mothers' Day brunch.

          1. Nice slideshow of brunch offerings from last year in the Gazette: