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May 3, 2010 08:32 AM

Downtown and on ocean restaurant recommendations?

My wife and I will be in San Diego next Sat/Sun (May 8-9). I am looking for some restaurant recommendations.

We both really like Mexican food. We also both are bigger fans of the food's taste than the atmosphere. The nicest outfit I will have with me will be khakis and a long sleeve button up shirt (so no jacket required places.)

we are staying in the Britt Scripps Inn on Fri and Sat night, and close to the airport on Sun night. however, we will have a car so distance is not a huge concern.

My other concern is places to eat on Mother's day that would not be where most people would take their mother. (ie, I am not interested in a Mother's Day brunch craziness.)

Thanks in advance,


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  1. While you are at Britt Scripps, you will be walking distance to Cucina Urbana which features excellent California Italian fare.

    For Mexican, Super Cocina is all about the food, no atmosphere to speak of.

    Mother's Day is amateur hour for dining out. Not sure what to recomend for that.

    Super Cocina
    3627 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92104