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May 3, 2010 08:11 AM

Caterers in Muskoka

I'm looking to find a caterer that will cater a small cottage dinner (10-15 people). I'm having a hard time finding caterers who would do a party that small - or one that isn't about a pig roast (LOL). Anyone know of a caterer or private chef that would do a cottage dinner? Thanks!

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  1. What part of Muskoka are you hosting the dinner and what type of party is it. Elegant or casual?

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      The dinner needs to be just good food - not elegant. We will be at the top of Lake Joseph - about 20 minutes outside of Parry Sound. Close to Rosseau.

    2. Try these guys. They're Toronto-based but I think they do a fair bit of stuff in Muskoka and they certainly do intimate dinner parties. The chef, Ann Dunkley, is wonderful.

      1. I threw a bday bash at a Bracebridge cottage a few years back. I think there were about 15 of us. I used Blondie's. I think their catering company is called "Catering Cottage Country".
        They created an amazing menu based on my theme and we all enjoyed it very much. Matt, Ronald and Mary-Anne are the best!
        Check out their website:

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          Hi There,

          Nothing like a blast from a threads past but your post caught my attention. You see, im planning a wedding at my cottage next year. My partner and I have been hounding caterers but its all a bit of a stab in the dark up north. We have had a few quotes, some astronomical and others quite reasonable. Talked to Ronald from catering cottage country and their menu sounded excellent and affordable. The catch is that my mother is all about reputation and she wants a reputable caterer that will be able to cater for our 100 guests and give them quality food. She heard some stories about another affordable caterer from up there reheating frozen lasagna and she now assumes high price means good. affordable means move along.

          So, any more details you have to sway my picky mother to the catering cottage country side would be wonderful.

          Much appreciated!

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            You might want to ask at Stephen's Butcher in Port Carling - they know all the chefs around there

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          1. I know its probably too late for this now.

            But for enxt time, check out

            they are toronto based but do a tonne of muskoka events

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              The Food Dudes used to operate our company cafeteria. Sure wasn't anything special back then.