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May 3, 2010 08:07 AM

Bacara or into SB for dinner?

Hi we are staying one night at Bacara.. Should we just eat there or is there somewhere really nice in SB worth the drive in? thanks

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  1. Eat there! Miro is Very good and the service is incredible. After dinner we walked into the resort bar and we were greeted by name and asked if we would like to continue drinking what we were drinking at the end of our meal. The wait staff knew exactly what we liked. They really do go the extra mile. We were there for 3 day's and never wanted to leave. Every course we ate at dinner was amazing. Have a Great time and please post your experience.

    1. The Barcara experience is meant to be a world within itself. You are a long way from Santa Barbara itself anyway, so no reason to leave this little world Bacara wanted to create for you to dine in Santa Barbara. Sample all that Bacara has to offer its guests, and please report back what you find. And if it fails to deliver, I think you owe it to their management to let them know if they are not offering sufficient dining distinction to keep you happy there as a guest.

      1. Hi sorry I did not report back.. I did not get these posts until we had left.. We ate in SB at Seagrass which was excellent.. next time!

        Seagrass Restaurant
        30 E. Ortega St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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          Seagrass has had a change in chefs and early reports are good which is welcome since this is such a lovely setting. Can you describe what you had and help it get back its reputation as a good dining recommendation?

          Plus a report on the Bacara would be greatly appreciated too since we locals don't stay there or venture out there for dining when we have so many choices close in town. Thanks.

          Seagrass Restaurant
          30 E. Ortega St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101