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May 3, 2010 07:56 AM

Could you ID this Kagurazaka-shop for me?

It could be Robata, maybe Yaki-something. It is in 神楽坂5丁目, here's a picture of it:

Unfortunately the name is in calligraphy, and I can't read it. Just tried to find it for 1 hr online. I'm giving up.


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  1. That would be:
    Kyo Yasai Shabu-Shabu Kagurazaka Honten

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    1. re: hbkawachi

      I think the actual name is Kanaiya かな井屋:
      It specializes in dishes like stamina-horumon-yaki, mostu-nabe and the like.

      1. re: zaijin

        That's definitely a new style of Kyo Yasai.

        1. re: zaijin

          I don't think so because as someone who has been reading Japanese for 25+ years, the sign definitely says "京やさいしゃぶしゃぶ". Feel free to ask any Japanese person. Here's a picture of the same entrance of the shop as on Google Maps.