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May 3, 2010 06:18 AM

Kitchener/Waterloo Ingredients

Hi Everyone, I'm new to the board but have been using it as a great source of information for sometime.

I was wondering is someone could help me locate some ingredients that I am having a hard time finding in the Kitchener/Waterloo area.

The Ingredients that I am looking for are as follows:

Fresh Ingredients:
- Poblano Chile Peppers
- Serrano Chile Peppers
- Tomatillo
- Plantains
- Jicama
- Yucca
- Green Papaya

Dried Ingredients:
- Pasilla Chile
- Ancho Chile
- Guajillo Chile
- Cascabel Chile

I have tried the usual in the area, Vincenzo's, David Gourmet with little success.

I know I can get most of this at Perola's in Kensington Market but would prefer not to drive all the way down there every time I need fresh ingredients.

Any help with finding a source for these items would be greatly appreciated.

247 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

740 Belmont Ave W, Kitchener, ON N2M1P2, CA

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  1. It's been a little while since I lived in KW, but there used to be a Salvadorean grocery BEHIND the shops/restaurants opposite KW Bookstore. Around back of the municipal parking lot, you know? America Latina, I think it was called. Sorry if this is a bit vague. I don't know how to describe it better.

    There was also a central american grocery store across from the bus terminal on the south side, who's name I don't recall. I went there less.

    I don't know if you would get all those ingredients at these two places, but you should be able to get some of them. And if nothing else they have nice pupusas at the one near the Bookstore.