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May 2, 2010 10:22 PM

Chocolate pot de creme recipes?

So I just left a friend's house who made the most delectable chocolate pot de creme - super creamy, light, i licked the cup!

She said the recipe was from Cordon Bleu cook book - but she didn't have a scanner in her house to give me a copy of the recipe. I saId I was sure someone on Chowhound had it - anyone? Anyone?

Now I'm also curious to try experimenting with other pot de creme flavors - open to hearing ideas!

Thanks chowhounds!

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  1. Could your friend possibly write it down for you? Pots de creme is a short and sweet recipe, essentially a rich baked creamy custard, containing chocolate, usually bittersweet, heavy cream, egg yolks, milk, sugar and flavoring. Recipes vary a bit, but are pretty standard. The technique is quite simple, as well. The best recipes are made with heavy cream and bittersweet (60% and up cacao) chocolate, imo.

    The recipe from The Cordon Bleu cookbook is not posted online; here's an link for chocolate pots de creme. Some flavor variations I've made include espresso, hazelnut and chocolate-orange. There are tons of variations on this theme, including savory ones. Once you get the technique down, you can go wild with different flavoring options:

    Hopefully someone with the cookbook can post a paraphased or adapted version of the recipe for you. Enjoy!

    1. Here's a recipe I found online for Cheater Pots de Creme. There's no baking - just whip in the blender, pour into cups and chill - end result is a thick custard-like pudding that is way more delicious than it should be after such minimal prep.

      - sit 4 eggs on the counter for about 20 minutes so they loose the chill from the fridge
      - put into blender: eggs, 12 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips, 2 tsp. vanilla extract (or kahlua, Grand Marnier, etc.) and 1 pinch salt
      - while this is blending, remove circular disk from blender lid and slowly pour in 8 oz. of very hot coffee (must be very hot to adequately melt the chocolate and cook the eggs)
      - replace lid disk and blend several minutes until creamy and free of visible bits of chocolate
      - pour into glasses and chill in the fridge for 3-4 hours

      1. If you subscribe to the Cooks Illustrate web site, they have a teriffic recipe for Chocolate Pots de Creme. The standard method for making Pots de Creme is to mix the custard on the stovetop and then bake in a bain marie in the oven. CI's new recipe eliminates the baking in the oven step and it truly is as rich, creamy and smooth as the traditional method.

        The quality of your pots de creme will depend on the qualitiy of the ingredients you use - use high-quality chocolate and cream, and you'll turn out a luscious, cloud-like dessert.