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Classes in San Diego?

I'd like to take a cooking class (preferably vegetarian or pastry...definitely no seafood). Does anyone have a specific teacher or class recommendation? I took a cupcake class at Amy Malone's (fun!), and am considering Sur la Table now. I know about Great News, and the Kitchen Witch. I'm sure Sam the Cooking Guy has fun classes, but the price is too steep. Any other options?

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  1. Balboa Park Food and Wine, above The Prado restaurant. Not hands-on.

    If you are looking for economical, cost-effective classes try the continuing education classes offered by the community colleges in you area. Most offer a range of classes, though some of them do trend towards the retiree set

    Balboa Park
    1549 El Prado Ste 8, San Diego, CA 92101

    1. The classes at Sur La Table are great. They are the only full time Hands-On Classes in San Diego. Most baking classes are run on the weekend. There is a 2 Day Bread Making Workshop in May. I've seen vegetarian classes every 2 months or so.

      1. You should check out the adult school. The cooking classes range from $30-$80. I really enjoyed the classes I took, they were all hands on. It was awhile ago, so I don't remember which adult school it was but the links below should get you started.

        http://www.sdadulted.com/ or http://www.sandiegocet.net/

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          cooking w/ class in the san diego kitchens and bathrooms show room. Alot of demo but they are starting to do more hands on classes though.Guest Chefs from around the city.

        2. Though not for satisfying your main need, I'd highly recommend scouting Fixtures for Living's complementary events, which includes amongst other things free cooking classes. They really are a class act, though I'm not sure how long they can justify holding these complementary events.

          But then again this is a place where you'll be offered a complementary espresso drink off of their La Marzocco just for walking into the store...

          1. I really enjoyed the cooking class at Sur La Table. I went by myself and had a great time. Cooking with strangers is a great ice breaker! Great News was ok.

            I have taken classes with Nadia Friggeri several times and have always loved the food and her personality.

            1. I agree with Dining Diva, community college is definitely the most affordable option, although its quite involved. I really enjoy Chef James Foran's pastry classes at Grossmont College, I noticed he's started doing a few classes at Amy Malone's too.

              Its almost impossible to get on the classes these days, so good luck!

              I think the pastry chef at the French Gourmet teaches at Mira Costa college, which is another option

              French Gourmet
              960 Turquoise St, San Diego, CA 92109

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                Well at least he has a teaching job if the French Gourmet does get shut down:

                French Gourmet
                960 Turquoise St, San Diego, CA 92109

              2. Actually, there is a great cooking school called Alchemy of the Hearth in San Marcos. All classes are hands on, all instructors are chefs with teaching credentials (real chefs who are teachers). Classes are small, personalized and fun! I've been going there for a few years now. I didn't know anything about cooking or baking and now I can make things I never imagined. They teach kids through adults, beginners and professionals. Check them out alchemyofthehearth.com

                1. barbarian Not a cooking class, but when you mentioned cupcakes...... I took 3 Wilton cake decorating classes at a Michael's store and they were great. I can't remember how many sessions for each class, but each class was more useful and less expensive than the single session class I took at Great News and I got a discount on the supplies. My flowers and basketweave are impressive now. :>)

                  1. There's a series of summer BBQ classes to choose from at the Twenty/20 Grill and Wine Bar. Taught by Steven Patrick the executive chef and cookbook author. Saw it in San Diego Magazine, but havent been.

                    1. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions!

                      1. Check out Alchemy of the Hearth in San Marcos. Small classes, great instructors and everything is hands on. www.alchemyofthehearth.com