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May 2, 2010 07:40 PM

I pureed bean burger ingredients too long; now they're wet glop. What to do?

Using Mark Bittman's basic bean burger recipe, I threw everything -- two cups of beans (pinto and chickpeas), an onion, an egg, half a small zucchini, half a cup of oats, some chili powder -- in my too-small food processor. I had to process it for a while in order to get everything on top chopped, which I think is why the mush wound up WAY too wet and gloppy. Or maybe it's because I didn't sufficiently drain the beans. In any case, I can't shape anything with it.

Draining the mixture in a sieve doesn't seem to be doing anything. Can anybody recommend what, other than oats, I could add to stiffen up the mixture so I can shape it into something? Or maybe what I could make, instead of burgers, with the mixture? I'm up for anything except deep-frying.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Soup? Thin with water/stock, add some miscellaneous spices, seasonings.

    1. I would use panko or regular bread crumbs, add another can of chickpeas and mash it with a potato masher then fold it into your other mix and re-season. Since it will make a larger batch I would just form the patties and just freeze half of them. Good luck!

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        Thanks, maybe I'll try this -- albeit with not much beans, since I don't have canned around and only have a few chickpeas cooked.

      2. bummer. you're at least the fourth Chowhound who has had bean problems today!

        do you have any cornmeal on hand? that would help absorb some of the excess moisture and firm them up a bit. plus, it would add a nice textural element.

        the other option that comes to mind would be to use it in a tamale filling.

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          Ooh, tamales sound good. I'll try the cornmeal on some of it, though.

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            I added instant polenta, dried stuff that had been sitting in my cabinet for forever; I didn't need much in order to be able to shape patties, which I then froze. I haven't eaten them yet, but I like the idea of cornmeal along with the Mexican-ish flavors of the beans. Thanks for the suggestion!

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              yep, my mind immediately went to cornmeal with the black beans. glad it worked - hope they turn out well when you cook them!

          2. Sautee up a small amount to see how it responds to heat. Might be good mixed into greens for a salad, into a wrap or on a baked potato.

            1. I bet it might make some really interesting pancake-y/griddle-cake-y type things that you might still be able to put on a bun... or eat on their own... or do any number of things with.

              So, yeah, try sauteing some and see how it holds up.

              You could also test poaching a spoonful in very gently simmering water. If it holds together, it could become "meat"balls, maybe, for sauce or soup.

              Hell, even try putting some in a baking pan and seeing how it cooks up in the oven.

              If all else fails... thicken 'er up with breadcrumbs, but you'll lose some of the flavour density.

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                Pancakes, yeah -- that could work. Thanks!