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May 2, 2010 06:51 PM

Dropping Josephine?

Leaving for France on Thursday, and I'm thinking of dropping Josephine Dumonet from my list. I only have 4 meals in Paris, and I wanted to get a traditional French restaurant in. But now I'm thinking maybe I should just head for Les Philosophes for lunch when we arrive (since it is near our apt) and enjoy the outdoor ambiance rather than rushing to make a lunch reservation in another quartier.

Is it a mistake to miss out on Dumonet? Can I be just as satisfied w/ duck confit at Les Philosophes?

The other restaurants will be Les Papilles, KGB, and L'Ami Jean.

Any thoughts on this?

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  1. It is good to balance enjoying the whole trip with eating well. I would make the change, LP isn't great food, but it is fine, and more than makes up for it in terms of Parisian ambiance. However, I would swop out KGB for Josephine....but I come from Sydney where the KGB style is common and Jospephine is only available in Paris.

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      Thanks for your input...that's a great point...If I had 10 days in Paris, KGB would be great, but since I only have 2 days, and I want French food, I should stick to French, and I know I'll be happy. I think I'll do exactly what you've suggested.

      Unfortunately it looks like rain for both days...if that's the case, and we can't sit outside at Les Philosophes, and can't enjoyably walk around, would I be better off spending that time indoors at a great restaurant? (If I can walk around outside in Paris, give me a salad w/ smoked duck, and I'm good to go. But if it's rainy...I'd rather have a long, delicious 2 hour lunch indoors).

      Any opinions/suggestions in the face of rain? Should I have a back-up restaurant idea just in case?

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        While you are wise to consider the weather in choosing a terrace restaurant, we have found visit after visit after visit that forecasted rain was most often during periods that didn't affect us: night and occasional nap or downtimes. In fact, in all of our travel in France, we have never been rained out of an activity!

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          It is good to have a plan B. I would have a list of five or six laces with phone numbers and an idea of where they are. If it pours simply call and see if they have a free table, I would be surprised if you didn't find success on the first or second call....even Parisians stay at their desks if it pours at lunchtime.

          1. re: PhilD

            Thanks to both of you! This whole board has shaped my entire dining schedule, which I am so excited about!! Can't wait to try all these places. Thanks to everyone for spending time answering questions like these to help people like me have a great experience!! All the input has been invaluable. Thank you!!