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Grocery Outlet May 2010

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Both Oakland and Berkeley have Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (24 oz) for $1.49. Very tasty, a hearty brew at 6.8% but not overloaded with malt or hops, nicely balanced.

President Camembert also $1.49 (8 oz) is very good, as is the Alouette Brie ($2.99 for 13.2 oz).

Oakland had 1 gal of Naked OJ for $5.

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  1. Berkeley: big stack of 2005 Renwood zinfandel (Sierra foothills), standard bottling at $2.98 and "old vines" at $3.98. The standard bottling has 13.5% ABV, with the old vines coming in at 15%. I popped a standard last night and it's good enough that I went back for a case today--bright fruit without the jamminess you sometimes get. There was also a Cotes de Brouilly at a good price, but I forgot to get some.

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      Yeah, they had those before and I got some of each, both great bargains, the Old Vine is definitely bigger and I think better - certainly worth an extra $1!

      1. re: Luber

        Thanks for the tip. I told my parents who tried a bottle and also went back for a case.

      2. re: ernie in berkeley

        Glad to hear the Renwood is good, I haven't opened my bottle yet (Old Vine). I picked up the $4.99 Cote de Brouilly La Montagne Bleue 2003 (Mommessin), and I was excited to try it, but the cork practically turned to sawdust and I couldn't open the bottle! I'm on my way to get a refund/exchange in a few minutes, actually.-- not sure if I should risk getting another unopenable bottle....

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          I would shy away from 2003 wines from Most of France. some wines are good but most are aging terribly.

        2. re: ernie in berkeley

          Anyone know if the Renwood Zins are still available in Berkeley?

          1. re: baron45

            I saw a stack of them on Friday (5/28).

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              Thanks. I was trying to get the Old Vine bottling, but they didn't have any. So I ended up buying a case of the Sierra Foothills Zin for $2.99 each. There is still a couple of cases left.

        3. Last week I bought the Vega Montán Mencía Roble, 2005 Bodegas Adrià at Redwood City for about $6. I opened it for some friends and can recommend it.

          Gerry Dawes review, "Vega Montán Mencía Roble, 2005 Bodegas Adrià (14%) - $16: Spicy, sweet fruit, slate-like minerals and new oak in the nose. Nice entry with sweet ripe fruit and haunting soil flavors. Well balanced, so it tastes lighter than its 14%, but it is a bit over-oaked. Air, food and decanting improve the mix considerably. Good value. (Importer: Marble Hill Cellars) Score: 88"

          1. I have been buying the Cryo-Freeze Tuna Steaks , 2 /pkg for $2.99 and they are excellent. Nothing new or exciting in Pleasant Hill.

            1. At a store outside the Bay Area, I bought

              Sunmaid raisin English muffins, 99¢
              Wolfgang Puck thin crust uncured pepperoni frozen pizza, $2.99
              Organic blue agave syrup, $2.49
              Oscar Meyer center cut thick bacon, 12 oz, $2.49

              I noticed that the Hormel natural deli meats -- ham and turkey -- without nitrate/nitrites are back.

              1. Today Oakland had Swift vacu-pack pork shoulder for $2/lb - minus $2 on a fast sale. Got a couple of 2lbers. Will be good for camping, i.e., carnitas, pulled pork or chili.

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                1. re: ML8000

                  Today Oakland also those fancy Sahale nut snacks -- $1.99 for the 4-5 ounce pouches. At least four different flavors.

                  1. re: Ruth Lafler

                    Oakland has 3lb Gallo dry salami logs for $8.

                    They seem fresh and are very tasty.

                    The only problem is that they are huge.

                    I'm doing a experiment and freezing half of it?

                    Supposedly you can freeze salami?

                2. Sorry, tried to upload some promising wine candidate shots, but they're not rendering and the software ate my text.