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May 2, 2010 04:47 PM

Banh Mi in Montgomery?

I saw araess' post in the "Montgomery, AL" regarding Oriental Market but was wondering if anyone's found any others?

I had lunch at Michael's Table last week and he had added one to the lunch menu. While it lacked the pate that is traditionally found in Banh Mi sandwiches, it was delicious. Fresh vegetables, and delicious, moist grilled pork. I will certainly be enjoying another one, however i'd love to get my hands on one with some pate, pulled pork, etc.

I haven't tried the Oriental Market but i'll go this week to kill my craving...

Also if anyone can find "Korean Fried Chicken" in town please let me know...

Oriental Market
126 Coliseum Blvd, Montgomery, AL 36109

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  1. The sandwiches at Oriental Market vary greatly depending on when the last time was they picked them up from Atlanta. They sell all of the ingredients- including the french bread sometimes, if you want to make them at home. I miss some of the variations I used to have in NYC- that's why I prefer to do it that way. If you do go in and the refrigerators are empty, and there aren't any fresh ones right up front next to the register, ask grandma when the next time is she plans on going to Atlanta. I tried calling to check but it looks like their number has been disconnected. I think it's usually on tuesdays, so tuesday afternoon and wednesday are the best times to go. Don't hold me to that though.

    As far as korean fried chicken, you might try starting a different post requesting that. People browsing the board may know, but not think to check this post to see because they think it is about vietnamese sammies. I have had Korean Fried Chicken from Bon Chon Chicken a few times in NYC, right as the craze was hitting. It was in a small shop and that was pretty much the only thing they did- most people would get it to go and take it home to have drinks- it's kindof known as a drinking accompaniment. We don't have any korean bars in town as far as I know, but that would be where I would look. The closest thing I have seen is at Arirang. They have the karaoke room and serve drinking snacks that aren't on the regular menu, while you sing. The korean ladies there have always been very accommodating. They have whole chicken on the menu, so may be able to help. The ones in New York that I had focused on wings, while the ones in korea do the whole chicken and then chop it up- so you would probably end up getting the korean style one if you ordered it there as I doubt they have an abundance of wings on hand. I might be going this week so I will ask.
    The chinese version called paper fried chicken is basically the same thing with different sauces. I know that the owner at east china is very accommodating, and they have some chicken wings on hand- believe they have wings as an app on the menu. I know they have other parts. I got chicken feet there last night and they were very good. Ask if she will make you paper fried chicken- maybe they'll make it like it with wings. Good luck. Report back.

    Oriental Market
    126 Coliseum Blvd, Montgomery, AL 36109

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      Thanks for the tips. I cook for a living so I was hoping to pick one up on the fly, however I might have to pick up a few and do like you say, make several variations. I'll go by tomorrow and see whats available.

      As for chicken - I called Arirang and asked if they did korean fried chicken and the lady told me no. I've only gotten spicy pork belly when I've gone but I don't recall seeing anything. I don't just want the wings - I want the whole damn chicken - haha!!! My hospitality professor from China swears by fried chicken feet so I'll take his lead and try them, I just haven't seen them on any menus in town (then again I generally don't venture to the East side to often...) I'll have to do some reporting and investigating before I leave town for a few days.

      I'll report back with some pictures and thoughts when/if I can get to it! Thanks for the tip...

      722 N Daleville Ave, Daleville, AL 36322

      1. re: JBurnsPatersonIV

        Well there are lots of things not on the menu at arrirang and at east china that the staff keeps around for themselves or the chinese/korean families in the area that they have a relationship with. It's something you have to cultivate, but it's really worth it. Usually a few meals with big parties and attempting to speak korean/chinese when ordering will get you on their good side, - show them you are making an effort at least - and then they'll be more open about discussing their secret items. For instance, I don't think the whole fish is on the menu at east china at all. I know chicken feet aren't advertised. The chicken feet there are braised btw. I know they have pig's trotters and beer snacks at arirang that aren't on the menu as well- but you just have to ask the ladies that work there after throwing a few drinks back with them in the karaoke room.