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May 2, 2010 03:52 PM

Cochon 555

My wife and I will be visiting Seattle while Cochon 555 is happening and we're considering going.

Has anyone on the board ever been? Is it worth it? Is the extra money for VIP worth it?


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  1. I went last year and had a lot of fun. With that being said it really is a"go go once and done" type of event IMO. There is an incredible amount of pig parts all around so be prepared for it. Not much veggies. Some very good cheeses from importers. Excellent wines.
    VIP is not worth the cost since you are going to pig out anyway, if you will pardon the pun. But if you want to know all there is to know etc.. go for it.
    As you may know-5 pigs (different breeds), five chefs. Make sure you stop at the table to taste the 5 different roast pork all prepared the same and taste the differences.
    Have fun.

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      Thanks for the info. We had to make a decision already and decided to go for it; it's my combo BD/anniversary present so we went VIP. Sounds like we made a good decision.

      Thanks again,