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May 2, 2010 03:37 PM


Coming to Fargo in a couple of weeks for a short stay. Need recommendations for 1 dinner and 1 breakfast. Want a protein fix after finishing the Fargo Marathon, someplace interesting and non-chain but that won't require me to dress up.

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  1. Curiously, I just returned from a short trip to Fargo, and I do have a dinner recommmendation for you. We ate at the HoDo Lounge downtown, which is not dressy but gives you access everything available at the HoDo Restaurant as well as having a separate lounge menu.

    The food quality was astonishingly good...I thought it was around the same level of restaurants like Craftsman , Meritage or W.A. Frost in the Twin
    Cities. Hopefully I'm not overstating that and setting your expectations too high, as I only had three dishes off of the small plates menu, but I thought it was a surprising find for Fargo. And who knew that Fargo would have an art hotel?

    I had a good diner breakfast at the Whistle Stop Cafe in Hawley, but I wouldn't drive way out of the way for it. Other than that I had breakfast at my hotel, the Ramada Suites, and it was as good as you could expect from a hotel breakfast, and even more surprising, reasonably priced.

    I couldn't find many promising leads for non-chain restaurants for breakfast when I did my research. I don't recommend the Fry'n Pan restaurant (a ND chain), as it was about the same as a Perkins. Kroll Diner is also a ND chain, and I wasn't too impressed during a previous visit to ND. I kept passing Mom's Diner, and maybe I should have given it a shot, but I couldn't find any info on it. I'm interested to see what other people say.

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      Made a reservation at HoDo, sounds good. Hope their definition of casual is the same as mine. Thanks for the suggestion. Sounds like a neat place and I wish I was staying there so I could have a few of their martinis.

      HoDo Restaurant
      101 Broadway, Fargo, ND 58102

      1. re: hopelessmuffintop

        I know this is too late to be of help for this trip, but if you head back for next year's Fargo Marathon try Nichole's Fine Pastry for breakfast. It's located downtown, turn south off Main on 8th St. Everything they make is heavenly.

        Nichole's Fine Pastry
        13 8th St S, Fargo, ND 58103

        1. re: anorton20

          Thanks for this recommendation! I was down in Fargo on a day trip and we ended up here for a late lunch. It was perfect. We didn't get there until around 3, and unfortunately the panini press was turned off by then, but my sandwich was still quite tasty, as was the lemon orzo chicken salad. My friend had the knoephla soup and she loved it! We also enjoyed the desserts.

          Our first stop in Fargo was Sandy's Donuts. I loved it, and walked out with a dozen fancies.

          I also went to Old 52 General Store, recommended by someone here on Chow. I thought its online store was more interesting than the real store, but I managed to get a few things I wanted. I'd still go back, just to pick up more varieties of root beer!