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May 2, 2010 01:53 PM

Ensenada...Looking for 2 Places....

Well...streetgourmetlLA has given me some very good leads to try for my next visit in september (in addition to the ones i had already found) but the 2 places i've heard great things about that i want to add to the list is 1. El Fenix (known for great fish tacos) and 2. Cocedora De Langosta (known for great lobster). Butta...i just would like to know where they are located. Normally i would just ask around when there but i tried that with manzanilla last april and i was wondering around for hours (most people had never heard of it and others gave me bad directions) before finally finding it. Totally worth was amazing but this next time i would like to have my places all lined up with exact locations before i get there. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Tacos el Fenix: On the corner of Juarez (5th) and Espinosa.

    La Cocedora de Langosta: Near the big fish market at the harbor. Go to this Chow listing for a map:

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      thanks!!!..i'm set...since i'll be at the san nicolas...tacos el fenix will be real close...and not too far from the lobster place too.