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May 2, 2010 01:01 PM

Jimmy John's on 202 Burns!

Alas, on theday of their 70th anniversary, a propane explosion totally destroyred Jimmy John's famous Hotdog stand.

Dn't know if the antuqiue trains canbesaved.....and scarier, there is a chance the family maynot re-open!

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  1. I saw that on the news the other day. What a shame! Jimmy John's has been a local landmark and destination eatery for generations. I read in the Inquirer's story yesterday that some of the trains were salvaged, undamaged, and that the family is likely to rebuild.

    1. Yeah, bummer. Saw it on the news too. I've never eaten there and don't get out that way very often but when I do I always think I should stop as I'm always up for a good chili dog.

      1. I hope they can rebuild. Jimmy John's hot dogs are really unique, and they had an interesting decor.

        1. Extremely sorry to hear that - thanks for the links. Very relieved to read that no one was hurt (or worse). Hope they do re-build. That is a little freaky for me, b/c I am about to have a propane tank installed at my house - NOT the news I wanted to hear! :(

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            went to the knife shop this is literally right next door to JJ. The walls are still intact damage looks like the roof just caught on fire. The owner of the knife shop said they will reopen and will bring back the decor. So yes it's bad news but I'm sure they can help spruce it up with the rebuild.