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May 2, 2010 11:30 AM

Mother's Day...

So my son said to me that he would like to take me either for brunch or dinner on Mom's day but I have to choose and his price range is $100. So... I picked RainCity grill for brunch, $29 two course prix-fixe and $5 mimosa's for mom! (That was the clincher for me!). I haven't been to RainCity grill since the 80's, I think - it has been around that long, no? Good choice you think?

What are others doing for Mother's Day?

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  1. No dinner nor brunch...massage and facial for the mom.

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    1. re: fmed

      I chickened out of Raincity Grill and booked Market instead...

      Raincity Grill
      1193 Denman Street, Vancouver, BC V6G 2N1, CA

      1. re: ck1234

        I've never been to Market but I have been to RCG for brunch. I'd go with Market... nuff said?

        I have a bit of a phobia about dining out on these "event" days (Valentine's etc) so tend to schedule something to celebrate them on a different day. Better get off my duff for this year, though, thanks for the prod :_0>

        1. re: ck1234

          good decision... :-)

          i did notice that David Foot isn't the chef at Market anymore.. at least on the Menu. but the food was the similar/same. but certainly not better. :-( the butternut squash bisque which was on the winter menu has been replaces with a less tasty pea soup....

          Still Market would be better overall in service/quality and value than raincity right now.
          RCG I feel is kinda stagnant. Last memorable meal was when Scott Kidd was at the helm, which was a long time ago.

          1. re: betterthanbourdain

            Market didn't impress me that much the first time I went. My memory of it is: chewy shortribs = bad! This is my 2nd chance try. I try not to be too judgemental when I don't a have a good meal the first time unless they really blow it. I like to try twice to be fair when I'm sitting on the fence...and I still could change where we go if there's a better suggestion out there. I would pick DB Bistro but I've been enough times and want to try something new or newish to me...

            1. re: betterthanbourdain

              Was just at Market last Saturday for brunch and was underwhelmed by the food. My burger was very dry and came as two thin patties stacked together. I don't know if that's how the patty is supposed to come or if I have been given a "special." We were 5 in all and none of it really stood out. We had 3 fish dishes (halibut, snapper, arctic char -- best of which was the snapper); I had the burger and another one had the hanger steak. Even my hamachi sashimi tasted a little "fishy." The mini pizzas were okay.

              1. re: _js_

                So, I cancelled Market. Then I booked DB. Then I cancelled DB. Then I booked Ousi Bistro. Then I cancelled that. Then I thought I'll try Joe Fortes because I haven't been since I boycotted it a couple of years ago - they were booked solid. Then I booked Coast and that's where I sit right now because I haven't ever been so I think that's what I'm going to try!

                1. re: ck1234

                  That's hilarious! I really enjoy coast-especially the flatbreads and the fish and chips rolls are a must...

                2. re: _js_

                  is it the crusted snapper? I like it too. but some felt it was a tad dry. i do prefer the slow cooked(sous vide) artic char. though some may find it mushy.
                  have to agreee that not everyone was happy with their meals. but i liked what i ordered and found some of the other items i tasted were less impressive.

          2. I am taking my Mother to the Orange Room in New Westminster for brunch and then my husband and daugher will take me to Moderne Burger for dinner.....I would of liked to go to Salade Des Fruits but they aren't open on Sundays.....

            Moderne Burger
            2507W Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V6K2E9, CA

            1. Well Coast was pretty much like going to Cactus Club or Earls or Milestones. Not much different, however it was a nice enough brunch. I've attached a picture of their signature mango California roll with dungeness crab & avocado. The second picture is their lunch box (a good deal for $12) which has New England clam chowder (very good!), fish and chips, wedge salad. The 3rd is just English Bay because it was so beautiful downtown today!

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              1. re: ck1234

                That is a great deal. I have never had brunch/lunch at Coast, only dinner but I always tend to order the same thing.....I actually ended up at Joe Fortes for dinner which was really quite nice.....I thought I would mention it as you had thought about going there in one of your posts on this thread.

                1. re: selena03

                  Selena, are you going to do a write-up on Joe's then? I'd love to hear about it!

                  1. re: ck1234

                    Sorry-I didn't have time yesterday! I had simple classics for the most part: caesar salad (husband had the same), cedar planked salmon in a rich creamy sauce dotted with halves of grape tomatoes, edamame, and pea ravioli, and creme brulee for dessert. My husband had halibut and chips for dinner and a trio of chocolate desserts for dessert which I didn't try because I was way too full from mine.
                    The salad was traditional and I asked for mine to be light on dressing-it was a solid caesar, nothing fancy about it which I like sometimes....the salmon was perfectly cooked. I didn't enjoy the pea ravioli's though I found the pasta a bit thick and overcooked. My husband's fish and chips were good. I will always prefer Go Fish and enjoy there's better....
                    The half portion of creme brulee was very good. A thick layer of the crunchy part (which is my favorite part) and no curdled egg or lumpiness which believe it or not I have experienced in some finer establishments.
                    I used the word good a lot because I didn't find the food fantastic. There was no point in the meal where I was wowed. It was a nice experience though as the last time I dined there a few years ago it was terrible. The food was solid, the service and ambience excellent. Joe Fortes will never be my favourite restaurant but I would go there once a year for a family dinner i.e. Mother's Day, Father's just seems to have a comfortable feeling when you are dining there-I can't quite put my finger on it-just a feeling of familiarity.....

                    1. re: selena03

                      Thanks Selena, Joe Fortes still sounds the same as when I left it, however, I will go back for lunch the next time the opportunity arises. They used to have a warm seafood salad that was on the menu and it was amazing! I can remember getting a blue plate special at lunch that had one of the most delicious short rib entrees I have ever had for $9.95. I agree about the ambience too. We used to go 4 times a year for about 5 years in a row.

                      Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House
                      777 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E3V5, CA