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May 2, 2010 11:28 AM

Looking for great pizza place in Sherman Oaks/Studio City Area

I moved to this year a year ago and still haven't found a great pizza place. Any recommendations?

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  1. A little farther In North Hollywood I really like Pitfire Pizza.

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    1. re: wienermobile

      Second Pitfire -- gourmet fare -- almost as good as P. Mozza and 2/3rds the price. Parking is a pain, tho...

      Pitfire Pizza Company
      5211 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

    2. I live in the same area and unfortunately we're out of luck.

      Pizza in this area is hard to fine, when I do get the hunger urge for pizza, these are the spots I settle for:

      Pagiancci's Pizza 818/506-4111

      Little Toni's Pizza on Lankershim

      Hope this helps,


      Little Toni's
      4745 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91602

      1. We are fans of Joe Peeps, one of the best we have found in this area

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        1. re: yippekaiyaemf

          you'll find the majority of this board dislikes Joe Peeps just like myself.

          When you hold a slice of their pie with toppings it all falls apart, it cant stand on its own to be held without turning into a complete mess.

          Also I'm not to fond of the flavors at all.

          Another decent pizza just I've found is only good while dining in, never get it delivered is:

          Spumoni's on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks

          1. re: Hypnotic23

            The regular pizza at Joe Peep's is a soggy mess.

            BUT they offer a thin-crust, light-topping version called "Blue-collar Pizza" that is pretty damn good. The crust doesn't get overwhelmed by all the weight and moisture like the regular pizza.

            Also, if you want a more non-traditional "California-style" pizza, Caioti Pizza Cafe is the spot. I love the Sunchoke, Bacon and Dill. Unfortunately, their "traditional" pizza is...a soggy mess.

            Caioti Pizza Cafe
            4346 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA 91604

            1. re: BearCity

              I should have been more specific. We only order the blue collar at Joe Peeps. The regular is just too much

        2. While I hardly qualify as a pizza expert, I know several friends who really enjoy the pizza at Santino's on Woodman, just north of Ventura on the west side of the street, which is largely a takeout or delivery place.
          Oak Fire Pizza will be opening some time this decade in the former fondue place just east of Menchie's on Ventura Blvd. at Dixie Canyon, but that hardly helps you now.

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          1. re: carter

            ditto Santino's...great crust...they take a lot of care. My go to pizza place in the Valley if I don't want to drive to Vitos in Hollywood.

            1. re: orythedog

              I intended to eat at Antonio's a few Sundays ago, but I arrived before it opened. I walked over to Santino's and ordered the sausage and peppers pasts. It was awful, so bad that I will never them another shot. I have not had their pizza.

          2. The best pizza in the area (and one of my two or three favorite pizzas anywhere in LA) is Caioti Pizza Cafe on Tujunga south of Moorpark. Founded by the late Ed LaDou, Wolfgang Puck's original pizza maker at Spago and the designer of CPK's menu. The lab sausage pizza with eggplant and garlic is to die for.

            Georgio's California Pizza and Pasta, in the Trader Joe's mall on Ventura near Laurel Canyon, is imho the best Chicago-style deep dish in the Valley, if not quite up to the level of Banducci's on Lakewood or Prizzi's in Hollywood.

            Mazzarino's recently reopened after several years due to rebuilding after a fire. Haven't been back since the reopen, but I have it on good authority that they are still making the best traditional red-sauce Italian thin-crust in the Valley.

            Mazzarino's and Georgio's deliver, Caioti doesn't.

            Caioti Pizza Cafe
            4346 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA 91604

            Mazzarino's Italian Restaurant
            12920 Riverside Dr, Los Angeles, CA 91423

            Georgio's California Pizza and Pasta
            11992 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

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            1. re: maxzook

              Friend of mine went recently to reconnect with Mazzarino's, and was sorely disappointed with either the memory, or the pizza, yet came away thinking there was a need to continue his search for good NY-style pizza in Sherman Oaks.
              I am not an authority on the subject, yet that was one person's opinion.
              I have enjoyed Mulberry Street in Encino, which is mostly for take-out or very casual dine-in, yet their white/spinach pizza was quite good back then.

              1. re: maxzook

                I meant LAMB sausage, of course. Although I've had pizza with sausage that tasted like it came from lab animals ...