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May 2, 2010 10:30 AM

Redhook ballfields are open!

Just got back, open for business and no lines! Really pleasant to have a huarache with no wait (that won't last long...)

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  1. "Just got back, open for business and no lines!"

    Well, that didn't last. I was there at 3:15 on Saturday and there were 10-12 people on line for huaraches.

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    1. re: Bob Martinez

      I went on sunday also. Had some great tacos and watermelon juice.

      1. re: Bob Martinez

        rhmmm I was there at 12:15 on Sunday, no lines at all. Maybe because it was a bit early still.

        1. re: jinx

          Any new vendors to report? Any notable changes?

          1. re: lambretta76

            I didn't notice anything new or different. Seemed like the same batch of vendors as last year.

      2. Are they open on Friday evenings, or just Sat and Sun?

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        1. We got back to the ballfields this past Saturday. This was the 2nd weekend the vendors were open for business and it was considerably less crowded than it had been the previous week. Total time spent on line for huaraches was around 5 minutes.

          Last year I thought the huaraches were loaded up with too much crema. The extra liquid weakened the tortilla wrapper and it was a frantic race to devour the thing before it fell apart. This year they've fixed that problem - the huraches were perfectly made, a nice mix of spicy chorizo balanced out with lettuce, tomato, crema, and a bit of avacado. It was tricky to photograph one handed - the picture is blurry but the hurache was excellent.

          There were about 10 to 12 trucks selling the usual assortment of Latin American treats. It makes for great people watching after you too full to eat any more.

          If only they sold beer ...

          Pictures here -

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          1. re: Bob Martinez

            Redhook ballfields newbie here!

            Can someone give a quick primer on:
            - when is the best time to go to avoid the lines
            - what are the "must try" dishes
            - is it worth the trip from Queens? If so, where does one park?


            1. re: enyc1071


              I always get a pupusa, elote, fruit juice. Sometimes split a ceviche or hurache.

              I wonder if you can park at Ikea...?

              1 Beard St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

              1. re: kathryn

                No need to park at Ikea (about 8 blocks away.) There's plenty of street parking within 1 block of the ballfields. I recommend that anyone driving who isn't familiar with Redhook print out a Google map of the area.

                1 Beard St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

              2. re: enyc1071

                Last summer I combined my trip to the ballfields (from Queens) with a visit to Fairway. I had no problem parking on the street about a half-block away from the vendors.

                1. re: enyc1071

                  Heck, it's worth the trip from Boston (where I'm from!) Our huarache was great, and we tried tamarind juice and atol de elote - a creamy corn drink with a hint of cinnamon. Sunday - a cooolld day, the atol was warmed for us - great! - while last time I had it, on a steamy hot August day,it was chilled and refreshing!

                  Our only disappointment was the barbacoa taco, two trucks down from the huaraches - last year it was terrific, this year the meat was prepared differently and merely serviceable -With all the other great choices available, that was too bad...

                  1. re: enyc1071

                    yes! totally worth it to go from queens. although i hear that the parks in queens also have great latin food (including ginea pig)! lol.

                    you can park anywhere around the park, there is plenty of that.

                    and the lines aren't horrific - you might end up waiting 10-15 at most at any given time of day.

                2. I’ve never had a problem parking on Bay or Clinton within a half-block of the “market”. If you’re driving from points north from the BQE, get off at the Hamilton Ave. exit, go straight through the first light or two, and then right on Clinton. It will take you right there. We went after the rain last Saturday. The barbacoa tacos from the Perez truck definitely lacked something from years past. They were really underseasoned and they rushed the tortillas, so they came out limpy, grainy, and merely warmed. Maybe they just didn’t have their mojo going yet.?.?...I got a huarache from the Martinez truck. $6 for a snowshoe sized Mexican hand buffet. The way to go with these suckers is to get the “mixto”. You’ll get chunks of spicy chorizo, juicy chicken and pork enchilada, charred bits of whatever else. My digestive system was wrecked for the day, but once a summer, why not? My partner had a couple of decent chorizo tacos for $3 each….I can’t remember the name of the ceviche family’s truck. They are charging $9 for a medium container of shrimp ceviche. It was $6 in the past, but I can’t recall if they had jumped to $9 last year or the year before. $9 is pushing the cost/benefit threshold for what you get here and we’ve decided to bump it out of rotation if we go back. All the trucks have decent signage now and there seems to be a little pupusa battle going on that might be fun to take part in. If you’ve never been, it’s still worth it. However, all things considered, I prefer Sunset Park for tacos and Mexican stuff in general. The trucks aren’t really the value they were a few years ago, so it’s the collection of different foods that makes it appealing- for us at least.