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May 2, 2010 08:09 AM

Lunch outside in RI on a beautiful day!

Hi! We are in Providence area visiting friends, and would love to enjoy an outside lunch. Good food a must, view would be a great addition (but not necessary) Any great outdoor places with good food for Sunday lunch? (Preferably nothing where we would have to dress up). We went to Quitos in Bristol yesterday - thought it was only average.

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  1. not my all time favorite food but venda ravioli or caffe dolce vita in depasquale square (on atwells ave) has a huge patio and is a great place to people watch. a lot of restaurants in providence are not open on sunday unfortunately.

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      Really? I lived there for ten years and only noticed places closed on Mondays, other than Al Forno, which is horribly overrated anyhow.

    2. The Boathouse in Tiverton.

      1. Get out of Prov. Go to Newport or Jamestown