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May 2, 2010 07:12 AM

Halifax and north

Looking for can't miss places north of the city. Will be traveling off the highway on back roard. Will be there May15th till the 22nd. What are the can't miss items?

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  1. Can you be a bit more specific about where you are going? The way you've described it could refer to a really broad area. Also are you looking just for restaurants or other food experiences as well (wineries, markets, etc.)

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      Only have a week so I don't want to waste my time going to so so places. Plan on heading north and west. Will go south if people think that the way to go. Want to limit travel time.

    2. Coming tomorrow 5/14/2010. Change in route. heading south from Halifax and doing a clockwise route back to Halifax. Only have a week so won't be going that far. There have been some great recommendations on other posts but they seem to be mostly on the north island. I now it's early season but anything in Peggys Cove and further around the coast?

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        If you are heading to the South Shore, you should make sure to go to Lunenburg - a great little town for an overnight stay. Fleur de Sel is one of the best restaurants in the province, housed in an old house in the historic section of town. There are a number of other interesting spots in Lunenburg too and the town is very small so it's all quite close together and easy to find.

      2. Le Gabriel a can't miss spot in Cheticamp. Wonderful Lobster, pasta and ask about the raw Scallops. My meal here was the best so far in Nova Scotia. Four stars.