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May 2, 2010 12:09 AM

Best egg custard tarts in Hong Kong and Macau?

I'm taking a trip to HK and Macau and am very excited because egg custard tarts are a favorite of mine, and these are the birthplaces of the two major styles of egg custard tart. What are the must-try places?

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  1. You can try Tai Cheung Bakery in HK. Its claim to fame: former British Hong Kong Governor, Chris Patten, always gets his egg tarts from there. Honestly, I think their tarts are seriously good.
    Address: 32 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
    Tel: 2544-3475

    For Macau, Lord Stow's Bakery had always been quoted as the best in town. They are also real scrumptious!
    Address: Rua da Tassara, Coloane Town Square, Macao
    Tel: 2888-2534

    1. 99% of guide books will at the very least have an entry for Tai Cheong, but one needs to pay attention to the fact that their crust is of the butter cookie variety. For those who prefer Soh Pei, or flakey multi-layered puff pastry like exterior crust, Honolulu Cafe (one on 33 Stanley Street in Central) is probably the most accessible and well known in guide books. Some crazy reported 100+ layers, held together by a secret receipe (and lard). I remember in 2002 I visited the Wanchai location (flagship store I think), and as I was so used to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bakery egg tart (before the original egg tart chef passed away), I felt Honolulu's version was different and not up to standards (but then again once you're so used to something, it's hard to compare).

      Local obnoxious media personality and food critic cable show host, Ah So/Suzie Wong, claims that her absolute best and favorite puff pastry crust egg tart is in a seafood restaurant by the Mongkok/Ho Man Tin area at Foo Y restaurant

      and here she is reviewing their egg tarts circa 3:10.

      Foo Y Restaurant
      Address: 何文田自由道3號地下 (Ho Man Tin, Freedom Rd / Jee Yau Rd #3)
      電話 : 2760 9345

      These and Honolulu Cafe's seem to hover around the HK$4 mark per tart.