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May 1, 2010 07:43 PM

Missing in Astoria: One Taco Truck

Does anyone know what happened to the taco truck (I think it was called "El Rey de los Tacos") that used to park on 30th Ave and 33rd St? I haven't seen them in a couple of weeks. Have they relocated? Shut down? Thanks in advance...

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  1. that sounds familiar, I think I might have spotted that truck outside the new Century 21 rego park mall II on the side street, where there are some meters...I was looking at their food and it looked pretty good..

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    1. re: janie

      Rego Park!!??!! I hope not. They make the best tacos in Astoria. You do mean the Azteca Pride El Rey de Los Tacos truck that was always parked in front of the Rite Aid after 7 PM, right? I've been looking for them too and wondered what was up. I know there's some nebulous plan afoot (pun intended) to make that whole area into a car-free pedestrian zone like Times Square and I actually had wondered if a mini-crackdown had begun, although I realize that's not very likely. I do hope the taco truck people are just busy on some seasonal business and will be back across from the bus stop soon.

    2. I live down the street and haven't seen them in weeks. I've seen speculation elsewhere that this may be a long vacation, permit renewal, or even related to them recently opening a brick and morter place on Steinway.

      Regardless, I'd just suggest walking down 30th ave a few blocks to the other side of Subway and eating at El Athens. I think the food is 100 times better and they're open to around 3 am. It's a little scary because there can be guys drunkenly passed out on tables in the back bar late on weekends, or alternatively paying 2 dollars for tickets to dance with women.

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        According to posters on, the taco truck is back.