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May 1, 2010 07:22 PM

bonjour brioche - do they have a take out counter?

i have been to bonjour brioche only twice, not too recently either. i was looking for a nice place to pick up some breakfast/brunch items for mother's day and BB came to mind. can someone confirm that there is indeed a take out counter (where you can pick up daily tarts, quiches, etc....by the piece)?

i can't seem to completely recall and it's not clear from the website.

also - if you have any other recs for getting take out brunch brunch (goodness, i sound tacky) - feel free to suggest. also note that i probably will have to make my pick up on saturday afternoon.
i am in the NE end of the city, but am willing to travel.


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  1. Yes they do. It will definitely be a zoo in there on Mother's Day though so if you need a lot of stuff you might want to call ahead and reserve.

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      Yep, and remember that they are cash only.