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May 1, 2010 05:25 PM

Where to buy - fake crab meat stick

not the grocery kind..

but the kind they use at sushi restaurants.

i'm not sure if you guys know what i'm talking about...but the kind at the sushi restaurants that shreds as oppose to the grocery store ones that doesn't...they taste kinda different too.

All the frozen kind at T&T are from that where they make this stuff?

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  1. It's surimi. The stick stuff pulls apart into strands. Not sure what you're after. Texture aside, it's always solidified fish slurry. Any more off-putting descriptions required?

    1. It sounds as if you're making a distinction between the "normal" kind (like and what they call "leg style." You can get these at the grocery store too. Recently saw them at No Frills on Silver Star Blvd near Pacific Mall. I'm sure you could get it at most supermarkets; you would just have to look out for the words "Leg style" on the SeaQuest packages they sell at Loblaw / No Frills / etc.

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        no no. i know there is the "chuck style" vs the "leg style", but the leg style you buy at the grocery store is different from the kind they use at sushi restaurants. it tastes different and it shreds apart different....

        I'll try the asian market at 401 & Islington...

        If anyone else have an idea, please continue to reply. Tks!!!

      2. i bought some from the asian grocery store on islington north of the 401 (sorry, don't know the name) and it's from japan.

        1. There is a small Japanese grocery store in the Asian strip mall on the South side of Finch Ave. West @ Milvan (west of Weston). Its on the opposide side of the strip mall from the large Chinese Supermarket. It looks more like a variety store, but it sells Japanese groceries. You can get the fake shrimp sticks that look like string cheese there. You can also find the yellow pickled gourd and dozens of different types of rice and seaweed for making your own sushi. It a nice little spot.