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Windmill Eatery in Fleetwood section of Mount Vernon under construction

Building permit issued and work seems to be underway for this new restaurant in the space formerly occupied by Athena's. Let's hope that can fill the void. Haven't heard anything on an opening date yet.

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  1. Great, has the working re-started??

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    1. re: lOEYLARS

      It's hard to tell. It has said "coming soon" for a really long time. They have the brown paper over the windows so you cannot see inside. Been searching for clues for a long time (like maybe the owners have another Windmill Eatery somewhere else). There is a Jersey Franchise of Windmill restaurants that serve burgers, dogs and shakes, but does not seem to be related.

      1. re: jcmods

        They've had the Coming Soon signs up for a while but lacked a building permit until around mid April. Was across the street early this evening at the BBQ joint and saw some construction activity going on inside.

        I've heard that the owners do own at least one other restaurant location in Westchester but not sure of the name.

      2. re: lOEYLARS

        Windmill Eatery signs being installed this evening replacing the old Athena Restaurant signs. Same color scheme though, blue and white.

        1. re: varsitysg

          Sign is up for "Experienced Waitress Wanted". Guess that means they will be open soon (and are discriminating against male servers).

          1. re: Sloth

            Perhaps they have 20 male waiters. Perhaps they have half male and half female and now they need one more female. Perhaps.........you are looking WAY too into the sign.

      3. Spoke to one of the owners as he was entering the storefront and he said that they hope to open in a couple of weeks. Along with the Key Food Grand Opening this Friday it seems as if more good news is coming to Fleetwood.

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        1. re: varsitysg

          Does anyone have anything new on when they might open? It looks like they are just stalled with nothing more going on.

          1. re: rolise

            I heard that the wait staff has turned up every week for the past few weeks only to be told to come back next week. I don't think they know what is going on either. But they're hoping to start working in the next week or two. We shall see...

            1. re: miss_chalet

              Yes, the Windmill is still NOT open although i looked inside and the interior looks like it is close to completion. I don't get it. It is really taking forever.

              1. re: jcmods

                It might have something to do with getting a C of O.

                1. re: roxlet

                  In Mt. Vernon that could take a while.

        2. They are finally opening next Monday.

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          1. re: varsitysg

            Do you mean Today August 23rd or next Monday the 30th? I noticed they had a waitress wanted sign up again last week so I am hopeful. I guess they probably lost a couple of potential employees during the wait.

            1. re: rolise

              Sorry for the confusion in my post. They opened today with a ribbon cutting at 11am and were pretty full by noon.

                1. re: rolise

                  Yep. Had eggs, bacon and homefries. Pretty good and typical diner food. They hired a few people back from the old Athena's and there is some sort of loose relation to the old Athena's ownership. They didn't change the interior layout but gave it a complete facelift. I'm just happy the location is occupied again. The neighborhood missed Athena's as much as it did the A&P.

                  1. re: varsitysg

                    Well I hope it is a loose relationship to the original ownership and management and not whoever was managing Athenas the last year or two.

                    1. re: rolise

                      Definitely new owners and new management.

                  2. re: rolise

                    Well we have gone twice. Also got feedback from some neighbors and the verdict is eh. Not impressed. I thought the price they charged me for a spinach and feta egg white omelet was ridiculous ($8-9), it was not cooked through. I had asked for well done and it was runny. I hate runny eggs. Went for dinner had a greek salad with grilled chicken (not on menu). Kind of disappointed no peppers or stuffed grape leaves on salad. Again for the price not too much food in terms of salad. Portion of chicken was good. And they brought my salad like 10 minutes after everyone elses entree. No bread was offered and my SIL had an entree.

                    My neighbor thinks portions are small and food not so good. I also have a gripe about the menus.being incomplete.

                    For breakfast I am going to stick with the coffee shop on Grand. Their sandwiches are pretty good too. Don't like their dinner menu.

                    1. re: rolise

                      Really can't bring myself to walk through the doors of a place that's so cheap in its renovations that it leaves remnants of the original sign from 1962 "Steaks, Chops, Seafood" -- CHOPS, are you kidding me?

                      1. re: fleetwood

                        I think that's the coolest part. Charming retro-chic.

                        1. re: fleetwood

                          What bothers me is they reused the existing floor tiles and carpet (ew). Also check out the interesting tile patch pattern in the bathroom (ladies anyway) although it is a great improvement.

              1. The quality of the grilled chicken sandwich is getting worse. The first time I ate at Windmill I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich deluxe. It was well made with a nice sourdough bun and all the fixings. The deluxe comes with soup/salad and fries. The fries were the breaded kind and fantastic. My second time having the grilled chicken sandwich deluxe, it came with no toppings...just bread and chicken and I was sadly disappointed, but the fries we're still very good. I tried again tonight, and was totally disappointed; all of a sudden the sourdough bread was switched out for a generic sesame seed bun and the fries were different also. I can now say that for $11.85 the Grilled Chicken Deluxe is no longer worth it :( Part of a restaurant's success is maintaining consistency, and the Windmill has failed.

                1. oh my god this place is nasty. the new owners are so rude. i wish the old owners were to buy it back..
                  im on a diet so ordered a grill chicken wrap they gave me chicken fingers in a wrap instead...ok everyone makes mistakes but they tried telling me that it was grilled chicken and called me a liar to my face. i left without eating or paying. i never had a problem with my food when it was Athenas. if you wanna listen to me dont ever go their its a horrible place

                  1. Finally had an excuse to try this place. When you have three nieces/nephews in town a diner fits the bill. The verdict is: stick to the breakfast items. The omelet (with three vegetables) with home fries looked ok. Only problem was there was no cheese in it. Guess you gotta request that. Otherwise, the potatoes were at least browned enough. Hate it when the potatoes are not cooked enough. Wish I had ordered that. My mistake was going for the "meatloaf special". Have to say it was possibly the worst meatloaf I have ever had. I think it was more like Scrapple or something. I guess I would be willing to go back, but avoid the meatloaf.

                    At least the staff were very friendly. They gave the kids FREE ice cream because they behaved so well and were polite.

                    I really think all diners are mediocre so I can't say it was much worse than most (but certainly not the best). It serves its purpose. Wish the food were a little better, but hey I didn't get sick.

                    1. And, just like that, it is gone. Walked by and the windows are all soaped up. Sign on the door indicates that it will re-open with new mangenent [sic]. Maybe this time they'll replace the carpet and find someone who knows how to make meatloaf.

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                      1. re: jcmods

                        They had an eviction notice posted by the Mount Vernon Marshall's office plastered on their door. All their stuff had to be out in 72 hours.

                        Very odd.....

                        1. re: chloe4ever

                          That sounds like they could not pay their rent. Weird.

                          1. re: jcmods

                            Their rent was reportedly enormous, which is what caused the previous owners to close up. The most recent owner had a poor disposition which was reflected in the poor customer service and the food was not very good. Aside from my own experiences, I heard a lot of complaints from others as well. The next operator will have to have his stuff together in order to generate enough business to pay the rent, unless the landlord wises up and drops the monthly nut.

                            The restaurant takes up what is equal to two storefronts and when it was clear that Athena's was closing there was talk of breaking up the space into two separate spaces with rumors that a Dunkin Donuts would take one storefront. I'm beginning to think that only a business that does a ton of volume like a DD would be able to afford that rent. It's too bad, the neighborhood really needs something like the old Athena's there.

                            1. re: varsitysg

                              Duncan Donuts would be an anathema!!! Not saying there is no place for one anywhere, but we have one in that crappy strip mall over on Bronx River Road. I think I am the only one who throught the people were nice, but the food was God awful. Since we are getting a Molly Spillanes, maybe they should split the place into a Pho/Taco stand.....I can dream.

                              1. re: jcmods

                                The food was both terrible and overpriced. We won't get anything decent until the landlord gets real and lowers the rent.

                                1. re: rolise

                                  And you would think it would be a win for the landlord because, even though the rent might be high, it sits empty half the time because nobody can make money. I sure hope there is some kind of zoning ordinance against a fast food place like Dunkin Donuts.

                              2. re: varsitysg

                                The neighborhood needs another Dunkin like it needs another CVS....oh wait. Jeez.