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May 1, 2010 05:05 PM

BARCAR Eatery in Mount Vernon is now AZUL Latin Fusion

Pretty sure the ownership is the same but they have done some renovations. Has anyone eaten there since the change?

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  1. Do you have any info on it?? Phone # , website??

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    1. re: GIOny

      Brian MacMenamin is involved. Not sure as owner, chef or both.

      From the BarCar Facebook page:!/p...

      AZUL Restaurant GRAND OPENING "Cinco de Mayo" !!!!
      Start Time: Wednesday, May 5, 2010 at 5:00pm
      End Time: Thursday, May 6, 2010 at 4:00am
      Location: BarCar Eatery is now Azul, Latin Fusion
      Street: 706 Locust Street
      City/Town: Mount Vernon, NY

      Brian MacMenamin presents: Azul, Latin Fusion !! GRAND OPENING CINCO DE MAYO CELEBERATION !! Complimentary Hour 'D Vours, Tequilla Shots & Drink Specials !!!

      BarCar Eatery
      706 Locust St, Mount Vernon, NY 10552

      1. re: GIOny

        Went the other night - not happy!!! one (1) tostone is $2 - WHAT, THAT'S RIDICULOUS. Monfongo $20 something - I don't think so. This is Mount Vernon not NYC. I will take the 10 minute drive to the Bronx and pay $10 for pernil, rice and beans.


        1. re: luv2dineat9

          Thanks for the thumbs up, I figured if the owners stayed the same, they still would keep the prices ridiculously high just like Barcar. (ie. $22 for a mediocore1/2 Chicken )

      2. ITs interesting how much dl info you can get on Craigslist! I was looking for a job and came across a posting for this place for all FOH positions! I THINK they said it was under the same ownership as barcar

        1. I walked by the place last night. They really need to speak to a business consultant. No one will want to pay $22 for arroz con pollo to sit in a psuedo fancy restaurant on Locust street. You most likely have to have your car valet parked. I will say there were people in it especially at the bar. However, they need to knock down the prices by about 30% including the appetizers. Yoshino Asian Fusion is excellent on the corner of Broad and Gramaton and much less expensive

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          1. re: lOEYLARS

            The chicken w/rice is actually $17,,,,,,,which is still high for the location of the place. Sorry.

          2. Since I can't eat the food, I've only had drinks there. The drinks were good, and reasonably priced. The service was quite good, and the man who appeared to be the proprietor or maybe the manager was incredibly attentive, friendly, and accomodating. He remembered me the next time I went back which really gave me a good feeling. For those who don't have the religious dietary restrictions I do, I would recommend trying this place's food out. As for everyone not on the wagon, try their drinks. I can't wait to try the what appears to be a signature drink I saw the bartender making someone. Enjoy!

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            1. re: Abigayil

              I can't type the whole menu but here are a few examples:

              tostones montaditos $2
              fried green plaintains topped with bacalao salad, creamy garlic shrimp, ropa vieja, shredded pernil or mole roasted chicken

              Chicharrones $12
              marinated chicken, pork or shrimp with spicy romesco dipping sauce

              sauteed clams $13
              chorizo, piquillo peppers

              octopus salad $14
              potatoes, peppers, onions & bibb greens

              paella with seafood $19
              lobster, clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops. with or without chorizo & chicken

              coconut & banana crusted grouper $19
              mashed sweet potatoes, lime buerre blanc

              churasco skirt steak $22
              arroz morro & chimichuri sauce

              Tacu Tacu $19
              rice nad white beans layered with seared beef & red onion cilantro lime salad

              1. re: Abigayil

                Give it second look, everything on the current menu is under $20 except the Filet and Lobster and the 22oz black angus sirloin, $24 respectively. It's delicious and a great value.

              2. The desserts are the WOW items on the Azul menu. Both the Flan and Tres Leches Cake put our party of three in heaven. The coffee was very good too. Dessert prices are high at $8 each. Desserts are not on the menu so it is up to the server to provide you with a list. He did not state the prices.

                Moving backwards, we ordered Cornmeal Crusted Calamari which was very tasty because it was prepared with six ingredients including chili flakes and capers. However, it was swimming in olive oil. The portion was large. We also ordered Passion Fruit Bar-B-Q Ribs which was served with a very good purple potato salad. This portion was much smaller but of course it is an appetizer. The ribs were very tasty and almost tiny in size. Our Baby Spinach Salad failed for a couple of reasons. The leaves were sprinkled with fried pork fat (chicharrones) and the kitchen staff ran out of the queso blanco (cheese) which was supposed to have been an ingredient in this salad. We informed the waiter about the absence of the cheese in the salad and he compensated us by not charging for two coffees.

                By the way, before food is served the waiter brings a container of garlic bread. The bread is flat and crisp and very good.

                Cocktails are expensive. The sangria which included liqueurs was $10 per glass. The margarita that I wanted to order for $8 could not be prepared because the bar ran out of the fruit puree which I think was mango. I ordered a Modelo (sp?) beer for $5.50 instead.

                The owner introduced himself and asked for our opinions. When we said that the restaurant was noisy he went to the bar area and lowered the music. The room does not absorb noise well. Service was very good with all staff demonstrating politeness, friendliness and eagerness to please.

                We parked our own car further along on Locust Street and walked back to the restaurant. There is a valet parking service.