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May 1, 2010 01:57 PM

Help! Friend in from England and looking for a great new downtown place for dinner?

Any suggestions. We need to make a reservation for 4 and all my ideas are of course booked. Any ideas welcome.

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  1. This sort of vague and mysterious question is not going to get you any useful responses. Also, I notice from your previous inquiries that you tend not to report back afterward, which makes regular posters feel that their advice is unappreciated. When is the reservation you are trying for? Have you done any searches on this board to find some possibilites? What restaurants did you try to reserve that were booked? That might help us to think of alternatives, but also what is your price range (be specific about whether it includes alcohol, tax, tip), what types of cuisine you like or dislike, atmosphere? We try hard to be helpful, but you need to make an effort to help us help you.