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May 1, 2010 01:40 PM

Vancouver sushi

OK so we know there are a million sushi places in Vancouver and many are very good. What are the top 5 in the downtown area? I'm looking for something where they have the basic sushi for those who are not super adventurous but I also enjoy trying something different so want to please the whole group.

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  1. i just got back from lunch @ the new lovcation of kadoya on denman, quite decent, cheap and hey it even has a view

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    1. re: vandan

      i think it is located in the old Black Tuna if memory serves me correctly.
      was just gonna pop in ended at Shima down the street.
      kadoya rolls can end up being costly.
      how was the service?
      anything like the service on Davie? :-P

      Black Tuna
      1184 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G2M9, CA

    2. - i believe there are too many sushi places here- and many of them are not very good, unfortunately. however: i lucked into a new entry on the scene yesterday: SHIZENYA on hornby just to the north of nelson. yes, another ' brown rice ' sushi place but take heart: big emphasis on organic. menu is simple, unsurprising, yet inspired. prices are refreshingly down- tempo, unusual for a locale frequented by the nearby law- courts crowd. lots of vegetarian options utilizing organic oils and fresh greens. organic natto and hijiki. i had the the ' triple attack ' brown rice bowl: wild sockeye salmon sashimi & albacore tuna sashimi & cooked spinach on brown rice ( rice was first- rate btw ) - mains are all under 6 $ vegetarian curries, organic udon soups, etc. i wish this bright, clean new little place well. lovely salads. i would add link but am running into technical mishaps here. regardless:

      1. I like Kaide on Richards and Pacific and Juno on Davie between Seymour and Richards. Both have basics and other items which I wouldn't know whether they were basic or not as I am not a connoisseur but do love a good dynamite roll:) and go to both at least once a week. I believe both have websites so you can check the menu out.

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          i think kaide would be close to what the OP was looking for. never tried shizenya.