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May 1, 2010 12:40 PM

Chow-worthy grub / early dinner near the TLA?

Hey. Headed to Philly for the SIA concert at the Theater of the Living Arts on South St & would like to grab some food beforehand.

Only been to South St. once, had cheesesteak. Meh.

Would like a sit-down place, not too fancy or pricey, but decent grub. Ethnic preferred (Middle Eastern, Greek, Turkish, or Asian), but open to anything. 'cept cheesesteak.

Muchas gracias!

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  1. Alyan's is good for Middle Eastern. It is sitdown but very casual and inexpensive. The schwarma is great and everything else I've had has been very good, too. It's BYOB.

    Las Bugambilias has good Mexican and is very affordable. The enchiladas are great and the portion is huge; you could split that plus an app or two. Has a bar.

    Golden Empress Garden has above average Chinese. It won't blow your mind and is a regular Chinese-American menu, but it's good. They have a very large vegetarian menu if that is interesting to you. BYOB, I think.

    I'd skip the Indian place and Tamarind (Thai) as both were pretty lame the last times I've checked them out. There is another Thai place called Mustard Greens but I haven't been. There are two sushi places I remember being decent but I haven't been to either in a while.

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      Mustard Greens is Chinese. I think the owner came from the old Tang's, on South Street - good stuff. We like it very much.

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        The shwarma place sounds good! We're meeting a friend of ours there, and she suggested Perry street BBQ. Any opinions on that?

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          Great brisket, good sides, other meats are just ok, but I haven't tried the sausage. It's a fun place and pretty affordable, though the beers are not cheap.

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            Yah, I was definitely eyeing the brisket... as for beer, I like the selection they have (American Rauchbier? can't wait to try it -- and what perfect combo with smoky meats!), and we won't be going nuts drinking since we have to >sigh< drive back home the same night. Blah.

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              If you are looking to drink beer and eat meat, head to Brauhaus Schmitz, not Percy Street. The food is better, the beer is better, and it will cost less.

              I like the Latest Dish, it's right around the corner from the TLA, next to Alyan's (which is great too).

              1. re: Buckethead

                Personally if you want real middle eastern food I would go to Cedars for a Lebanese interpretation of Middle Eastern food. And they have a wonderful selection of Lebanese wines.

        1. I know all Philly hounds are waiting with baited breath to find out where I ended up eating..... NOT!

          But anywhos. Had a very delicious softshell crab sandwich at The Standard Tap in Northern Liberties where we met a friend. Really nice place, good food, excellent beer selection.

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            Actually I love it when people report back. Standard Tap is a great place. and its nice to hear that the soft shell crabs have started to arrive!

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              I'm the same way, especially when I recommended a place... I really do want to hear where people ended up going & what they had, and whether they liked it. Why else would I 'waste' hours of my life on this site?