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May 1, 2010 10:09 AM

Marcellino's now open in Southbridge

Normally a first night of anywhere has its hiccup's but I must say for a first night in a new location Marcellino's was a well oiled machine. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

I never managed to get over to the old location so I can't compare the feel of the room but it seemed to me a very good use of the space. Has a bit of a warmer feel than when it was Digestif.

Food was very accomplished, I had the calves liver and it was damn tasty :) It's not the cheapest Italian place in the world but I think the combination of food and service was worth it.

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  1. good to know everything is already running smoothly. Curious--how was business? Were they pretty busy?

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      On Saturday night, they were very busy with all tables full. We had reservations at 7:30 and were seated immediately, but noticed that as soon as a table opened up, it was quickly filled. Glad to see they are off to a great start in the new location.

      1. re: MesaChow

        This is good to know. We had commitments, and missed the opening. I have yet to talk with friends, who managed to make it.

        Hope that all goes well for Chef and Sima. We liked the old location, as it was closer, but would drive across town, just for their fare and hospitality.


    2. So I want to know if I understand correctly - He CLOSED the Northern location? I thot he was just expanding. Did I miss that?

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        Yes, the original location on Northern Avenue is now closed. It was a relocation rather than an expansion.

      2. I just got a bit more in-depth report of the new location. Things look VERY good, from a fan of the old restaurant. The space was reported as being wonderful, and all elements of the dining went well.

        It appears that the hours might be expanded, plus some additions (wood-fired pizza for lunch) will be coming in the near future.

        We are just so sorry that we were in DC and missed this opening, as we would have been there in a heartbeat, just to wish "good fortune" to the crew.

        One thing that I did not get a handle on was the noise level. The old venue could be a bit noisy, even in the back room, as it was close to one end of the bar. That was my one, and only complaint with the old place.