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May 1, 2010 09:40 AM

N.H. restaurants on Twitter

Anyone want to help get a list together of restaurants/bars in New Hampshire that are on Twitter? I love following as many as I can, and I think it's great when they list the day's specials or deals they have going on.

Here are some that post frequently:

@republiccafe (Republic Cafe, Manchester)
@eatataxels (Axel's Food & Ice Cream, Merrimack)
@sfkitchen (San Francisco Kitchen, Nashua)
@jdubscoffee (J Dubs, Manchester)

Who's got others?

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  1. I came upon this thread looking for info on San Francisco Kitchen. I figured I'd revive this to see if there are any new additions in the Twitter-sphere. I follow Crush Pizza ... I think it's @crush. I'll have to look back at my list and see what's worth adding to this list.

    San Francisco Kitchen
    133 Main St, Nashua, NH 03060

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    1. re: solargarlic

      Any update on when Crush will be open Solar? I don't twitter/facebook . I barely have time to read E-mails - I'm only up to 23,000 unread E-mails now. : ) I know you had mentioned in NH mag E-buzz April 15th but I was wondering if Crush themselves had anything different on their twitter.

      1. re: southie_chick

        Unfortunately, no opening updates. They just posted on Facebook that they are going to NJ for pizza training. The last few updates were about the tile mosaic around the oven and the floor tiles going in. I can't imagine that in one week that place could be open. Plus, 4/15 is a Fri., I hope they don't plan on opening night to be on a Friday!