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May 1, 2010 09:24 AM

What to do with 3 pounds of strawberries?

I have 3 pounds of mediocre strawberries - they're not really good enough to showcase by themselves, with shortcake, etc, but they're ripe and I'd like to get rid of them. Any suggestions other than jam/jelly/etc?

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  1. - bake with them - quick bread or muffins
    - stew down into a dessert sauce or can ever add other fresh or frozen berries to the mix
    - macerate with balsamic vinegar & a pinch of salt and serve over ice cream
    - slice & toss with sour cream and brown sugar (this was a childhood favorite)
    - strawberry agua fresca
    - smoothies

    1. Wash, pat dry and lightly sugar and place individually on wax paper on a cookie sheet and place in freezer. Once frozen, place in a ziploc bag and keep in freezer. You can then take out whatever you want to use depending on your recipe and the rest can still stay frozen without being one big blob.

      1. Slow roast them to intensify their flavor, then make them into a sauce, serve with ice cream, fill a napoleon or shortcake or otherwise use them as you might use fresh.

        1. Make a big batch of strawberry ice cream.

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              I just made 3 batches of sorbet, I used some orange juice and zest, 1 batch 1 made with mint. UMMMMM