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May 1, 2010 09:03 AM

Wilmington NC Restaurant Week '10

It's that time again. Where are you going, what have you eaten, how was it?

Last night we went to Catch on Market and were strangely unimpressed. I've heard so many great things about the place, and yet our meal was at best mediocre. Maybe Restaurant Week isn't the time to evaluate a place. The app was the best part -- a pimiento cheese-shrimp spread with a nice smokiness. My entree was flat out blah though. Unpleasantly sweet tomato sauce with crab and some enormous stringy pieces of arugula over pasta. Dessert was a chocolate cake that could have been served at any shopping center parking lot chain. And the service! Our drinks came out one at a time, with several minutes separation. Just wine -- it wasn't as though anyone ordered something complex. The salads appeared for the members of the party who'd chosen that option . . . but the soup was nowhere to be found. We had to flag down a waiter to ask. The entrees did all arrive at once, but then at dessert time, they made us feel guilty that our party was an odd number and thus they had to provide an extra dessert. Really, I'd rather have had one fewer dessert than the lecture.

We have another place scheduled for tonight -- I'll post re: that later.

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  1. We went to Sienna on Friday night. during Wilmington restaurant week. It was quite good and a bargain at $20.00 a person. The fried risotto balls were OK. I love their house salad. It is one of the best house salads in Wilmington and a great price at $3.50 on the regular menu. I had the lamb stew and it wa swonderful. So flavorful. I hope they add it to the regular menu. My husband liked his lazagna. The crepes we had for desert were delicious. All in all a very good dinner.

    1. Saturday night we tried Aubrianna's. Really good, will probably go back. We split an additional app, the steak bruschetta, which was fabulous. Both the Caesar and the house salads were extremely pleasant. The crab gnocci made the crab bucatini at Catch even less appealing in retrospect. And the lamb with jalapeno and mint was fabulous. I had the peanut butter pie, which I normally don't like, because the other option was cheesecake, which seemed kind of boring. And the server said there was chocolate involved in the pb pie. There was! A great big solid chocolate layer on top of a not too sweet pb filling, with a chocolate crust. Painful sweetness is my usual objection to pb pie, and this was not at all that way.

      1. I have to agree Marlowebeach. We used to frequent Catch at its downtown location, and the food was superb (I ate the best steak of my life there). The new location on outer Market is cold and undistinguished, unlike the cozy (at times, maybe a bit too cozy) downtown location. We ate at Market Street recently. I had Shrimp and Grits that was nothing more then a bowl of cream and half a dozen shrimp; even so, it was pretty tasteless and lackluster despite all the cream. A pretty poor showing for a standard southern dish. My son had salmon that was overcooked on bok choy that was boiled to death. As it was, his meal came out a full 10 minutes after we were served. I've always enjoyed Keith Rhodes' flirting with Asian flavors, but this was amateurish. My wife had the walnut shrimp that were fine. We understand that Catch downtown will be reopening soon for lunch -- purportedly at "working man's" prices -- so we'll give Catch one more try, but I think it's time to throw the upper Market experiment back.

        Market Street Cafe
        17 Lagoon Rd Apt 12, Hilton Head, SC 29928