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May 1, 2010 07:04 AM

Reid's to close (Charlotte)

Reid's is closing its doors downtown. I find it very sad, first of all, because I've been a frequent customer at that location for the past 10 years. I love their sandwiches, they have a great wine selection, and, perhaps most significantly, they have a true butcher. You could always get high quality meats there, as well as some more exotic meats that you can't find in other grocery stores.

Moreover, I grew up in Myers Park, and remember its old location there very well. It's where my parents would go to get meat, and I remember riding my bike up there to pick up groceries.

It sounds like they're trying to open a new location at some point, so I hope they do that.

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  1. Very sad, indeed. I hope they do find a new neighborhood to set up shop. what I didn't care for about their 7th st location was the parking situation... and simply the hustle & bustle of uptownn in general. But surely there are many neighborhoods around town that would appreciate them and have a need for a grocer/butcher like Reid's.

    I look forward to them opening in a new location in town sometime soon.

    1. Just thinking, There is a high end retail fish store slated to open I believe on Selywn Ave relatively soon. A high end butcher close by could make for an attractive destination.

      1. High-end fish market to open in Myers Park
        Kerry Hall Singe
        Posted: Saturday, Mar. 06, 2010
        A high-end fish market is headed to Crosland's Tranquil Court on Selwyn.
        Clean Catch Fish Market specializes in responsibly fished and caught seafood, according to the company. The market will provide weekly tasting demonstrations and classes on how to prepare and cook the fish. The store will also offer prepared items such as Ahi-tuna meatballs and wild salmon burgers. Fish will come from places such as the Carolina coast, California, Hawaii and New England.
        "We want to teach people they don't need to be afraid of fish," said Bill Ryan, owner and partner of Clean Catch Fish Market.
        The store is scheduled to open midsummer.
        Tranquil Court at Selwyn is a mixed-use project at Selwyn and Tranquil avenues in Myers Park.

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          Try The Meat Houose in Ballantyne for your meats. We really like it.