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Mamadou's Bakery Winchester - Amazing Breads

I can't find a thread dedicated to this amazing bakery, so here it is - I've been twice recently - the baguette, pain au levain, and multigrain loaf (basically the levain with seeds crusted on the outside) are all outstanding - right up there with B&R, Clear Four, and Iggy's IMHO.

It's small, they only have basic breads and are open Tues-Sun 9a-3p on a side street in Winchester (across from Swanton St Diner and close to Rt 38 Main St between Winchester Center and Woburn). Also not far from the magnificent dessert muffin (aka cupcake) shop Gingerbread Construction Company.

Mamadou's is worth a detour if you want GREAT bread. Other threads note they are at the Arlington Farmer's Market (and others?) in season, and Parsons Table serves the bread - more places should also.

Mamadou's Artisan Bakery
63 Swanton St, Winchester, MA 01890

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  1. I'll second that. Mamadou's bread tastes like he is having frequent conversations with god. His raisin bread is one of the greatest things I have ever tasted and I don't even like raisin bread. The couple is very nice. I hope they make it.

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        Yes indeed! The bread is really great and all done by hand. Great write up in Edible Boston last issue. Hope th added press helps. A small outfit like that needs as much exposure as they can get. Great story and great bread as well.

      2. thanks for the tip- i just moved down the street from there

        1. big bump. Mamadou's FTW.

          1. I live in Winchester and agree with everyone else. Mamadou's is a great little artisinal bakery turning out fantastic breads. This is type of place that should get as much support as possible. Try it and you won't be disappointed. I love his Pain Levain!!!

            1. Thanks for posting this - I somehow missed Mamadou's in the earlier discussions of bread, etc. Stopped by this morning and came out with 4 loaves. I seem to end up driving that Washington Street corridor to 93 a lot, and I am soooo happy to know about this bakery (or should we be calling it boulangerie?).

              1. Mamadou's was at the Belmont Farmers Market last summer. They would stay until they sold out - and even with all the rainy days last summer, that was pretty early. Absolutely outstanding bread!

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                  They come to the Allston Farmers Market too, fortunately!

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                    do they go to any other local markets?

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                      I've seen them at Winchester & Wakefield farmers markets in the summer. The Medford and Melrose whole foods carry some of their breads, not sure about the other locations.

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                        They have a list of the farmers' markets they attend on their site.

                        I first discovered them at the wonderful Belmont market.


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                          thanks! I don't often make it to those markets, but getting to Belmont once spring and summer are in full bloom is a priority!

                2. It's been a while since Mamadou's got any love here, so I'm bumping this old thread back up. I was passing by today and got a hankering for a baguette so I stopped in. I got the last baguette, but they also had lovely looking croissants and strawberry tarts so I got one of each. I eyed the cranberry fennel (?!) bread but decided that was enough for one trip. The croissant was so lovely, very flaky. Not very buttery but that's not a requirement for me in a good croissant. The strawberry tart was out of this world. It was a pinwheel shape, of flaky pastry (similar to the croissant in texture and taste), brushed with a sweet glaze. In the center was a generous dollop of very good strawberry jam. Yum! Looking foward to that baguette with dinner tonight!

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                    That cranberry fennel bread is wonderful. I didn't know they'd added pastry though, I'll have to get up there for a treat. Thanks for the heads up!

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                      I agree with your comments about their fruit tarts. Usually on Saturdays they have raspberry, apricot and strawberry versions along with plain and chocolate croissants. The pastry is very buttery and the fillings are very good quality. Also, the owner told me that they participate in 7 local farmer's market during the season. I have seen them at Winchester on Sat's and Arlington on Wed's. My favorite breads are their sour dough, pan levain and paysanne.

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                        I just started buying Mamadou bread and love it. It's sold at various Whole Foods near me. So far I've tried the pain au levain, the sesame semolina (my favorite), and the whole wheat. They've all been delicious.

                      2. they have been at Woburn Farmers market also

                        1. Their baguette is my favorite in the Boston area.