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May 1, 2010 05:18 AM

Quick Report: Jerry's Sandwiches and La Pasadita

Thanks to those of you who responded with suggestions for my few free hours in Chicago this afternoon. I actually found an hour yesterday during a break to get away from my meeting. I went to Jerry's and La Pasadita.

At Jerry's, I had an excellent sandwich. Gyulai (Hungarian smoked, spicy sausage), roasted peppers, pickle, basil, feta, aioli, and Cholukla. Fantastic sausage, and a great sandwich. Their beer list is top notch.

At La Pasadita, I had a barabacoa taco. Also excellent.

Today, I am considering going to SIlver Palm for the three little pigs, but welcome all suggestions for where I absolutely must go!

Jerry's Sandwiches
1938 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60622

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