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May 1, 2010 04:36 AM

New Thai Restaurant in Herndon/Reston

After being a loyal Thai Luang fan for the past 12 years, I had noticed in a recent visit that the food was off. Come to find out that everything loved about the restaurant (food, service, hospitality) has moved on to a new restaurant. The chef and manager apparently had a falling out with the family owners after 18 years. Their new place, Thai Tada, takes the space of the old Tarin Thai restaurant. Make no mistake, the food here is no longer the Americanized, "Panda Express" version of thai food that simply was labeled because there were bird chilis and peanut sauce sprinkled around.

Ask for the special thai nut mix at the bar, mussels, and of course crispy duck that's actually crispy. Check it out.

1106 Herndon Parkway
Herndon, VA 20170
(703) 435-7618

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  1. Thanks for the info - that solves at least two mysteries at once. And I have mixed feelings. I loved Tarin Thai and the folks that were there - I guess they're gone now?

    But - with Luang, the food was always good, but the service started getting deplorable (this can be traced with time through my comments). One of the sisters/daughters especially was overly unhappy most of the time, and showed it through her service.

    But - for your reference - I might be wrong in taking in what you're laying down, but Tarin was incredible. The NE Curry dish, for example, was one of the best in that tradition I've ever had - with ingredients definitely not Americanized.

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      You're not alone--Tarin Thai had some very good Thai dishes, such as their spicy beef salad. I was always worried that they had too much space for their level of business. I never had anything I thought was overly Americanized, but perhaps we just ordered different things. We did not try the buffet at any time; I would expect that to have been dumbed down a bit.

      Past service issues at Thai Luong is not likely to encourage us to try a new venture with Thai Luong's old manager. There's nothing quite like dining with a child to make you very aware of slow service.

      Our current area favorite is Thai by Thai in Sterling, where the menu is small (ask for the Thai menu), they wok noodles to smoky perfection, and service is fast. It is an order at the counter place, but the staff is very accommodating and friendly.

    2. It really sucks that the Thai Luang owner (who trained the entire family staff to be able to run a restaurant) had the falling out with her family. I guess they didn't tell her until they'd already split that they were leaving her and started their own restaurant, so she was left without an entire staff, basically. However, I really didn't like Tarin Thai all that much. I had some curry that was ok and some of the sides and smaller things were fine but their pad thai was probably the worst I've ever had. (I know it's basic and overdone, but how do you mess that one up?)

      1. There's another new Thai place going in at Lake Anne. Not sure when it'll open, but it's down where the Moroccan restaurant used to be. FWIW, the Moroccan place was very good, but Lake Anne only gets so much traffic outside of Saturdays.

        At any rate, the menu is posted and looks somewhat intriguing. Not the usual laundry list of dishes (though of course a few of those).

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        1. re: Dennis S

          I am excited that a new Thai place is coming. I was disappointed in Thai Tada. The duck was wonderful, but the other dish we got wasn't memorable at all. And the soup that came with lunch was not tasty at all. And I love almost all soups.

          Please post any info that you get - I will try to get there next week on my next day off.