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May 1, 2010 12:33 AM

LOU'S on vine

So, my first time there after reading a lot of posts. First thought--it's HERE?? In this weird strip mall?? But then going in, super slow (I think because of the game), but filled up as the night progressed. Had--Pig Candy, white bean app, garlic toast, cheese and charcuterie board, mac and cheese and pork tenderloin. Honestly, everything was great. The pork was the real standout. My date does not eat cheese, so that lovely board was MINE!!! DEEELISH!!! White bean was my least favorite, as I'm not too into white beans, pig candy dangerous, I can see myself snacking on it at 2 AM, but bottom line----GO GO GO!!!! Great wines too!! Too much wine :)

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  1. Now you have to try the Monday night supper w/wine tasting! I hope you got on the email list.