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Apr 30, 2010 11:29 PM


I can't get in again. Do something please.

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  1. Sorry, there really isn't anything we can do. Long threads are problematic for some people at some times, and it's not something we can just fix. It would require us to work on paginating threads which is a whole site design issue.

    If you have recurring problems with the thread, I'd suggest starting a new one to continue to the conversation.

    1. As previously explained in the other topics you keep creating to ask the same question, it's almost certainly related to your computer's capabilities. If you use a computer with more processor speed and memory, the problem will almost certainly go away. That's why you're having this problem while others are not.

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      1. re: nsxtasy

        Thank you. My mistake was I thought site talk board was the complaint board, so I didn't come back to check you guys message. I'm not computor genius. I'm old and not familiar to the things you guys know. I have a brand new Vaio with core 2 processor.Any way easier for me to open new one. I just didn't want to left anyone out there. BT

        1. re: bigtuna27

          So I am hoping that with your new computer you are no longer having a problem opening that topic...?

          1. re: bigtuna27

            Big Tuna Sushi-Man-san;
            Your thread is invaluable Start another with a different title and refer people to the earlier title.
            I miss your insights. Please get back to the board!

            1. re: penthouse pup

              I will soon. I have been busy with my work and been idiot about internet thing lately. Ask Sushi man 2 is on the way. Soon very soon.