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Apr 30, 2010 11:24 PM

Favorite beef cut and why?

My DH and I are taking my MIL out for a combo early Mother's Day and his recent birthday. The MIL likes her favorite steak house (so that's fine with me - she is set in her ways and has been visiting the same place for 50+ years). My question to you, dear CH's is what cut do you like and why? I usually either go for a fillet mignon or prime rib - both MR. But I am willing to go outside the box if you can tell me a better cut and why you like it. I am happy to try something different. They have pretty much everything starting with ground sirloin (which we are fortunate to buy in bulk from them and then break down into 1 lb. pks. and freeze - which is cheaper than the local butcher). I'd love to hear some suggestions. We are going tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. Give me a nice thick grilled medium rare ribeye any day. Flavorful, tender.

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    1. re: bushwickgirl

      +1. Ribeye is hands down my favorite steak/beef cut.

        1. re: mcf

          Yes, love me a ribeye. Best cut of the steer, imo.

          But for a roast, I love making a Tri tip. It may be unique to Cali, not sure, but normally you don't see this cut much in stores. It is a triangular piece cut from the bottom of the steer, below the flank. There is only one per animal. Most butchers take it home for themselves, but bbq in Santa Maria, CA is only done with this cut, slow roasted over oak wood. Why is it so prized? Beefy flavor, tender throughout, and absolutely no gristle or waste. It is usually just over 2 lbs, and roasts easily in about 45 mins at 425. Perfect size for us for dinner, and leftovers.

          1. re: Phurstluv

            Sure you don't mean hanger? There are two tri-tips on a carcass and they come from the sirloin.
            Hanger, though, yeah, I definitely find you have to ask for it specifically... sure isn't something you'll find in a grocery case or even a butcher, usually. I've never tried one but I'm dying to!

            1. re: Whats_For_Dinner

              My local grocery store has been selling them for $3.99 for the last few months, and they have it all the time. I bought some and put aside to grill this summer. Only other time I found it was at Whole Foods awhile back, but it was at least double that price.

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                Southdown market in Huntington always has hanger steak. Not grass fed, though.

              2. re: Whats_For_Dinner

                No, it's definitely a tri tip roast - my info on where it is on the steer may be rusty, I guess the sirloin sounds about right. It's well marbled, but not necessarily a fatty cut. Does have a layer on one side, that I roast that side up and it melts into the meat.

                1. re: Phurstluv

                  Cowboy cut bone in Ribeye....esp if you can get it Prime. Best cut by far bar none. Hope you had a great meal boyzoma !

        2. We always go for porterhouse/T-bone, two steaks for the price of one ;-). Never have to worry about tenderness, which is paramount to my husband, and easy to keep on the rare side, as we like it.

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            Bone in ribeye for me.Tri tip roast for the bbq.reasonably priced great for a crowd.

          2. I guess a rib with a nice deckle. But if they had them on the menu and did them over the flame, I'd go for sweetbreads since they're not available very often. We had them in Argentina as part of parilladas and they were absolutely delicious.

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            1. re: junescook

              Out of all that's been mentioned.....the deckle is tops for me....but I like the way junescook thinks. We coulfd be tablemates anytime......unless you don't like to share:)


              During the winter, I may have to change my favorites to either Oxtails or Short Ribs though....

            2. I don't eat a ton of meat, but when I do my favorite thing is oxtails. So rich and tender, with all that gelatin... mm! The best.


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              1. re: operagirl

                Oxtails seem to be getting costly (at least around here), but I agree that my favorite cuts have ample connective tissue. I have found in my area that shank cuts are a good value. At the same cost per pound, I would now prefer a shank steak to oxtails. The meat is easier to get at, but has many of the same qualities after slow cooking.

                1. re: k.strang

                  I love shanks, too, and I find that the normal price at my Mexican grocer ($2 per lb.) equals the sale prices at my mainstay but somewhat upmarket, which often asks twice as much.

              2. These days my favorite is a nicely marbled flat-iron steak grilled to perfection. They taste great, no waste, and are usually under $5 per pound. If somebody else is buying, I'll go with the porterhouse.