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Apr 30, 2010 07:09 PM

Unbearably Noisy Built-in Oven/Microwave Unit! HELP!! Please.

We purchased a Frigidaire 30" combo unit with regular/convection oven on the bottom and microwave on top. Our home is extremely quiet but this monster is impossible. Delivered 2/13 and micro souded like a thrashing machine. Four service calls later and noise has improved but with each noise improvement another noise is noticed. Last repair man said it is as good as it can be. DB meter reads at 60 and is horrible - now caused by cooling fan for controls. Store won't budge on exchange or refund. Any suggestions? Is every oven out there this bad?

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  1. Make a video of it (WITH SOUND-very important!) burn it onto a dvd and send it to the CEO of Frigidaire. That should get you some results.

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    1. re: pdxgastro

      Nah, post it on youtube and then also send another video to the Frigidaire and tell them you have upload the exact video on youtube. Let's see if Frigidaire stands by that noise level.

      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

        Oh pdxgastro and Chemicalkinetics, you are both my new best friends! What fabulous ideas. I will snag my nephew (with his video camera) over here ASAP!!! I love it!
        Anyone have any other suggestions?
        I will definitely update with results. Thanks again.

    2. Over ten years ago I purchased a new convection oven by Amana. I was horrified by the noise! And I was also horrified by the venting of the heat into the kitchen. I complained and had a serviceman out, but the upshot was that this was the way the oven was designed. The fans cool the electronics. Noisy. I had assumed that in the intervening years improvements had been made. Apparently not for a Frigidaire. If the oven is as noisy as you say, I think forewarning possible customers is a good thing. Just make sure you don't say anything inflammatory, or don't overstate anything. You could be sued. That would be a major headache. I wish someone had warned me. I would have bought a different oven! (I have finally gotten used to it. And it does perform well.)