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Union Square Greenmarket advice please

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I'll be going to the Union Square Greenmarket tomorrow for the first time, could you kindly provide me some advice or tips to prepare me? For instance, are there any farmers stands or particular produce and/or food items that are not to be missed? What are the prices like? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!

Union Square Greenmarket
Broadway and E 17th St, New York, NY 10003

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  1. Without knowing what you like to eat, it's hard to recommend things, but I'm a fan of Windfall for leafy greens, Tello for eggs, Cato Corner for cheese, Blue Moon for fish, and Mignorelli, generally. You can get an idea of what's available from:
    and more general info from:

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    1. Even at this time of year there will be 80-90 different vendors at the Greenmarket. As smallh noted, without an idea of what you like it's hard to make recommendations. On Saturdays, I like Quattro Game Farm for their smoked chicken and turkey, 3-Corner Field Farm for great lamb (particularly their merguez) and sheep cheeses, Flying Pigs for fabulous pork, Cayuga Organics fir very high quality dried grains abnd beans (I love their faro), Keith's Farm- early spring garlic is great this time of year, Wild Hive Bakery, Paffenroth Gardens and Cherry Lane. Second Blue Moon for fish (Pura Vida on Fri) and Mignorelli.

      Blue Moon Mexican Cafe
      1444 1st Ave, New York, NY 10021

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        80-90 vendors?! I'd say more like 40. And some don't even come back until late May/early June.


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          I was just at the Greenmarket earlier today and although some farmers were not there- most due to a big rally- I'd say at least 65 vendors were.
          I don't know why, but the map on your link only shows about half a dozen of the vendors on the north side of the square on 17th St- - even though the vendors are on both sides all the way to the end., although the Greenmarket list does have over 90 vendors.
          I second the great Kathryn's rec for Lucy's Greenmarket report- a terrific resource.

      2. If the fresh peas are in, grab them and eat them within 24 hours! Again, not sure what you're buying, but prices are rarely lower than Whole Foods prices, sometimes higher. Blue Moon fish is awesome!

        Blue Moon Mexican Cafe
        1444 1st Ave, New York, NY 10021

        1. Be prepared for one thing in particular: it is amazingly expensive.

          1. this excellent old thread should help: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/549751
            go early. it gets mobbed. the crowds and prices have exploded since the good old days.
            some of my favorite saturday vendors are keith's (amazing garlic), norwich meadow farms (amazing cucumbers in season), and flying pig farm

            1. On Saturdays, I try to go before 11am, otherwise it is WAY too crowded especially with kids, strollers, tourists, slow walkers, etc. My favorite day to go is usually Wednesday -- nice mix of variety without the Saturday crowds.

              Earlier is better. A lot of stuff gets held for chefs, and regular consumers get what's leftover -- first come, first served. This holds true especially for items which are JUST in season, like strawberries this past week, and ramps a few weeks ago.

              The quality of produce can vary greatly dependent upon the weather. Sometimes farmers won't bring an item in or run out early -- talk to them and ask when they might have more.

              Bring lots of cash. Small bills are always good. Bring your own bag and make sure it's sturdy. Read Lucy's Greenmarket Report religiously.