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Apr 30, 2010 06:12 PM

Has anyone ever been to The Gourmet Corner in San Mateo?

I get their e mails all the time, is it worth making the trip to San Mateo from walnut Creek?

The Gourmet Corner
873 N San Mateo Drive, San Mateo, CA 94401

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  1. It's certainly worth a detour when in the area. A special trip from Walnut Creek, hard to say.

    1. I went there a few times last year and he still carries a delicious, rich yougert (? correct spelling-Liberty) from France. Pricey but a treat. I also bought a bag of frozen 72 Escargots in garlic butter that are so yummy and easy to prepare. I know that's alot but they freeze well. (He sells them to some of the best restaurants in the bay area). Driving from Walnut Creek I think is too far but if your in the area it's a treat.

      1. While I mourn the closing of the fabulous Gourmet & More in San Francisco, I'm wondering how The Gourmet Corner is these days. Any recent shopping to report?

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            Yes, when I stopped by last Tuesday the employees told me they were closing on short notice--details were a bit fuzzy--it couldn't hurt to call and see if their 20-30% off sale is still on


        1. I went a couple weeks ago when I was jonesing for some Mamie Nova french yogurt. They no longer have it (but still have the petite suisse "cheese"). Apparently it is no longer imported at all.
          They still carry a good selection of french cheeses, foi gras, a bunch of the fabrique delice brand sausages, pates, rillettes and such. Many french spices and wines, etc....
          All good stuff, worth a stop if you feel like a splurge. It's definitely a splurge though, as their prices are about the highest you can pay for the stuff.
          I live in the east bay as well and wouldn't make a separate trip there if I wasn't already heading to the peninsula for something else. As Robert said, worth a detour, but not a drive on its own.